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Suspension specialty shop in Austin?

24 December 2018 - 01:00 PM

Is there a local shop, that can rebuild (if rebuildable) and that has a shock dyno?  I'd like to have the used Multimatic shocks I have checked out on a dyno to see if they're useable.



Tires! old solo driver, racer wanna be, noob all over again

15 December 2018 - 10:22 AM

Signed up with TDE for MSR-C in Feb.  (First time with TDE was 2008 at TWS, time flies)  Need tires.


Discount tire comparison shop for some track tires:


GY F1 3R = $345

BS RE71R = $367

Nitto NT01R = $419

MSPC2 = $390 sl / $433 xl


Also considering the 

Hankook RS-4 = $331 but Tire Rack is "sold out for the season" so...yeah



People poo poo on GY but the original tires on my 1LE were GY F1 G:2 and they were very good in the dry and when warmed up.  The value seems to be a no brainer - the GY F1 3R is a pretty potent tire on the ZL1 1LE.  Should be good enough to get me by for xx? track days at my slow-ish pace.


Thoughts?  Alternatives?  


----The following are meaningless rambles but provides some context for how I think about what tires I should start with as a returning solo now noob again driver-----


I'm not going to run 300TW tires to get a feel for the car...I don't need it. No I'm not a pro but I'm seasoned just enough to run dot-r tires without hurting my learning curve. I have a lot to learn, and my ego is all but non-existent, when I say I'm good to go with dot-r it's a simple truth, with an open minded self-awareness of my strengths and weaknesses. 


sure my experience is old but...it doesn't feel that old  - really, it was completely natural to me and I felt right at home during my recent visit to H2R.


Speaking of H2R, Scott was generous and let me tag along a member day at H2R back in October - a track I know fairly well and love.  Also gave me a nice tow session which was much needed and appreciated.  Felt amazing to get out and turn some laps again (brakes were sketch and tires meh) Thanks again Scott!


I got a really good feel for the car at full chat at H2R, on Michelin PS4S. The tires were meh. Decent but this boat needs more grip.  Lots more.  Remind me again why I'm slogging ahead with this gen 5 camaro boat/tank?  Oh yeah, stubborn foolishness.


I'm an odd duck on TJ, since most of y'all have been racing for quite a while.  


I did a bunch of track days from 2008-2011(cars)/2010-2013(bikes) with a little bit of TT at the end of my run with cars.  I'm pretty sure I did win a lot of HPDE events, I just never got my trophies.   :laugh:


Back to being a noob.  I'm ready to track again (as I've posted elsewhere), it's quite literally eating at me that I have to wait so long for an event. Almost enough to trigger me to become a member at H2R.  Still chewing on it.  Any holiday specials going on there?





Funny CL Ad (not mine, broken e90 M3 in Killeen)

13 December 2018 - 06:38 PM



"Want a big money pit of problems? Boy do I have something for you! This is the 3rd engine this pile of shit has had and it's already telling knock knock jokes. Spun bearing? Jumped timing? Who knows!? Not a clue what's wrong anymore and honestly don't have the time or want to even fix it again. Might need a new engine, might be rebuildable. But at least it's got some sick ass paddle shifters. I'm sick of throwing money and time into it. Cheapest clean title e90 m3 you'll find. Fully loaded. Full Remus exhaust. Lowered on h&r race kit. 

Will drive onto a trailer. 37k on engine, was pulled from a rear end crashed e92 m3. 
If you think you can figure out what's wrong, fix it and flip it for a decent profit, God bless and I wish you better luck than I've had. Selling to fund another financial mistake. Text or call. No hablo EspaƱol. No bs"


He's asking $15k

Austin shop for differential work?

11 December 2018 - 02:15 PM

the clutch type LSD in my Camaro needs replacement.  I have a nice little mechanical diff to replace it but need a shop to do it.  


Any recommendations?


Thanks for your time.



Unexpectedly good customer service...

23 October 2018 - 04:50 PM

I got this email today, in regards to an order of some brake cooling parts.  I'm just sort of dumbfounded.  Don't see this sort of thing happen...ever.  Yeah it's not much, but...it's the principle I suppose:


Thank you for shopping with us at www.PegasusAutoRacing.com.


The actual cost to ship your order was less than estimated, so we are crediting your Visa card $7.  I will send you a copy of the refund for your records.


Thank you again for your business. 


Carrie Schwab