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In Topic: Talk to me about sway bars

Today, 09:33 AM

Since you have the coilovers already your choices on springs is almost unlimited, this should be a relatively cheap upgrade. Talk to someone at BimmerWorld or KW about spring rates for your usage. Going back to your original question about antiroll bars the hot setup for E9x M3's and the 1M was actually to keep the stock rear and go with the larger front bar from the E93 M3 or the aftermarket. Kind of counter intuitive but it had to do with way the McPherson struts react to roll stiffness.


I went with the MCS 1-ways since my car is a daily driver, and they have been excellent. Same or better ride quality as the stock M units at low settings and they have the capability of being upgraded to 2-way.


What springs are you running with the MCS?  

In Topic: Talk to me about sway bars

Yesterday, 08:40 AM

Yeah, coilovers were actually about the first mod I did on this car a couple years back, it's sporting KW V1s. Perhaps looking at spring rates could be The Next Thing. Not really sure what's out there for this car in that regard.

Hmm.  Well if you're leaning (ha) more towards hard core track, you could go up in the KW line.  KWv3, or clubsports (if they make it for your particular car).  The Clubsports usually come with adjustable camber plates, and come with track oriented spring rate and damper valving.  I've never used KW, but hear generally good things.


There are lots of other options, but that's the easy button for suspension upgrade if you're so inclined.  If you don't care about adjustable height (or corner balancing the car) then you could get a more racy setup with spring and shock also.  MCS or something along those lines.  


IMO don't get too excited about twiddly knobs on suspension.  I'd rather have a properly sprung and damped setup and not have to touch it. If it's done right it's going to be right for most situations (where a track oriented suspended car would be driven) Most lower end adjustable dampers just aren't good, not worth wasting effort / money on them.  


I'm moments way from ditching my $2200 Ridetech coilovers (thank god I bought them gently used for much less).  Just not well thought out / designed. Cool words like hyperco springs and fox shocks can be a little misleading that it's a good design for my car.  haha.  How does a suspension focused company get it so wrong?  (well, they're well known for their airbag stuff so maybe that's a clue)


I'll probably run them at the NASA MSRH HPDE just to say I gave them one more shot at the track.

In Topic: Talk to me about sway bars

14 January 2019 - 10:37 AM

Hmm. Perhaps my grasp is too limited. My statement that you get more mechanical grip is probably simply false, because weight transfer will be the same no matter how much visible body roll there is, unless you change your CoG for the better.  I'll shut up now and post up a couple of interesting reads.


Interesting tidbits in this chapter...https://www.flyinmia...ple_chapter.pdf


And a little bit different view point, very thorough and interesting discussion / experience shared on setup:



In Topic: Talk to me about sway bars

14 January 2019 - 09:05 AM

You probably have a deeper understanding than I do, or similar anyway.  But since I'm avoiding some unpleasant backlog work at the moment...I'll give my 1/2 a cent with some generic understandings.


I think you're right on about adding spring rate as a better option, possibly reducing anti-sway stiffness


However, upping the anti-sway stiffness can certainly help the car have more mechanical grip, to a point.


Less roll is less weight transferred, is asking less of the outside tires at the same pace, is therefore increasing max grip/the potential pace.


If you like the balance of the car now, then up the rates f/r by the same percentages, BUT adding front camber, with no other changes, will (most likely) contribute to more oversteer, so the balance is going to change.


Adjustable anti-sway bars might come in handy to help find the balance you like after the changes.

In Topic: 2009 Porsche 911 Carrera For Sale - $34,500

12 January 2019 - 10:30 AM

The more I drive my wife's '06 Cab the more I really, really like these things.