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In Topic: Goals for 2019

08 January 2019 - 10:24 PM

4. Use time off more efficiently, so I can still attend track days, and have time for other stuff, like non-track-related travel, too.


Man, I know it's not in the spirit of this thread but I totally feel you there.  I was an an airport without my helmet bag last month and it felt straight up foreign.

In Topic: Goals for 2019

03 January 2019 - 03:06 PM

Win more stuff. Break less stuff.

In general-qualify better and get out of the kill zone in spec miata. Too much contact back there.

Position wise in SM I have no idea who ill be competing against in NASA/SCCA. If things shake down the way I suspect I think I can compete for a season championship in NASA. In SCCA I'd be happy consistently being in the top 1/3.

More importantly, I need to systematize things better between sessions at the track. Look at the data more. Understand better setup. Last year I would just kinda drive the car that was under me by the seat of my pants. That doesnt work at the pointy end of SM. I need to diligently work to make the car over the course of the weekend, and make myself better, because once I'm comfortable at a track I have a tendency to just keep doing the same thing. As I've done more w2w in the last year I've kind of stalled at improving over the course of a single lap. Data is the next step in getting better and i need to just embrace that.

Last couple years I've slacked on instructing outside of NASA. Need to get back out to Chin stuff.

In Topic: SCCA “POLAR PRIX” Hoosier Tire Super Tour @ COTA Feb 7-10, 2019

31 December 2018 - 03:13 PM

In for SM!  Not gonna test Thursday because I am going to get my ass handed to me anyways in this field so not worth the time off and miles on the car.

In Topic: Goals for 2018

31 December 2018 - 11:14 AM

Big picture- first year of spec miata racing and trying to get better at riding a different kind of horse


1) Run the NASA TX SM Schedule- including Nationals.

       -My goal is to run inside the top 10 but looking at that field, it won't be easy.  

2) Start to run SCCA towards the end of the year.

3) Get comfortable driving the Supra.  Haven't driven anything that powerful in my life, will be a whole new animal.  Won't spend much time with her due to focusing on SM but would like to not suck.

4) Go to Gridlife in August.  This event has been my golden goose.  I blew my Scion motor on my first hot lap of the weekend 2 years ago.  Couldn't make it last year due to WRL commitments44






Mixed bag overall.


NASA Spec miata season was okay.  At Hallett and Cresson I was able to run just outside the top 10.  Our races at COTA I was just awful.  Not sure if that is car or driver. Out of this region I had the pace to stay in top 3.  But I've got the same problem as I do here- pushing at that intensity without goofing up and costing myself issues.  Cost me a win at Barber.  I did manage to get my SCCA stuff sorted out in time to run a race with them- and even lucked into my first win in the class which was pretty sweet.


Supra is still in the shop.  Shortly after this post it blew a motor on the dyno being tuned.  Sore subject.  But I didn't go to gridlife and I still haven't driven it.  Allegedly itll be done by (checks watch) Christmas LOL.  I haven't been too on top of it though, Spec Miata and WRL has kept me too busy.


Our WRL season was also a mixed bag.  Team-wise it was miserable... couldn't keep the car on track for a whole race due to mechanical gremlins, and the one race that the car cooperated with us I had an off that cost us the lead.  Didn't win a race all year.  Car will be getting overhauled top to bottom for next year.  Personally, my driving got pushed  tremendously by a couple of competetive teams that brought out crazy high level drivers, and for the most part I was able to keep up which I was really happy with, particularly in the last couple events at Hallett and COTA.



In Topic: Nasa TX Aug 16-18 Track TBD. Wild Speculation & Theories on location

21 December 2018 - 12:11 PM


Pretty stoked to have been wrong about this.