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In Topic: Should a driver pay for damage to other cars in HPDE? W2W?

Today, 12:26 PM

Every series and every race group I've been in, there's always been 'that guy who is to be avoided'.  Every one. no exception.  A couple of them at SCCA (because I've been around a day or two and have at least a small amount of reputation there), I've taken a couple guys behind the trailer and chewed their asses.  one of them didn't come to many more races after that before finding another series (or sport?) to stink up.   another one quit hitting people and we're sorta-close friends now.


being new or infrequent to many other series, I keep my mouth shut and hope the system works like it's intended.   I'm aware that NASA, PCA, and CVAR all have informal naughty-lists, but it still seems relatively quiet regarding action taken by those lists.  part of that though is from corner worker viewpoint..  I was given a list of cars to 'observe for erratic behavior' and told to call it in if things happened.  well those guys all behaved themselves the days I was told to watch.   doesn't mean nothing was done, but it does mean I didn't see any end result of the observation.


Point being, there's always 'that guy', and I expect that as a paying customer to any series, event, group,etc, 'that guy' would be sent home if he creates a history of costing other people significant sums of money.  and if I ever become that guy and don't know it, PLEASE take me behind the trailer and tell me to take my talents elsewhere.  I don't ever want to be responsible for emptying someone else's pocketbook because of my stupidity.

In Topic: edison_GTI track car build thread - AKA Kermit

15 June 2018 - 07:51 PM

That's rough.

In Topic: NASA at Hallet June 9-10 2018!

15 June 2018 - 10:05 AM

How many folks left foot tap brakes on straight before braking zone?  Any stories to share where they discovered brakes were gone and made a different decision that saved a bad accident?

I always left foot tap, but had driven crappy cars with knockback problems for 10 years.   not yet have I had to deal with lost brakes.

In Topic: NASA at Hallet June 9-10 2018!

15 June 2018 - 09:35 AM

I've posted this before on a different thread. 

Chris Albin at an SCCA race last year.  I skipped that race, but it's still talked about on the Prod racing forum..  (Albin- driver- and Eric Prill- camera car are both regular posters there.).    Car was able to be repaired and raced again.

In Topic: NASA at Hallet June 9-10 2018!

15 June 2018 - 09:33 AM

Yeah, pretty sure Michael still has some seat cushion up his butt over 10 years later!   Ginsberg/Cooke's car, the red #5, had the video where you could see him shoot by in the rear view mirror like a rocket.   Scary stuff but turned out well.   The brake failure was the brake line pushing out of the crimped banjo fitting.   

Failures like that always happen when you need it the most. (cuz you're pushing the hardest!)