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#111481 Goals for 2018

Posted by __clu on 31 December 2018 - 01:21 PM

I'll go next


- Participate in at least 4 HPDEs

- Refresh the Miata's bushings

- Kinda related to the first goal, take part in Miatas at Laguna Seca

- Invest in safety equipment, namely, HNRS

- Finish my masters program 



1) I managed to squeeze in 4

2) I sold that Miata, so mulligan? 

3) I did manage to go full harnesses with a HANS

4) Graduated with my Masters in May

#111150 clu does a thing and sets sail in a fortnight

Posted by __clu on 17 December 2018 - 09:07 PM

Can confirm, swangas are already on order

#111095 clu does a thing and sets sail in a fortnight

Posted by __clu on 16 December 2018 - 06:39 PM

Hi hello hola friends,


Some of y'all might remember my previous track car, a prepped NB. That car was a lot of fun and I learned a lot, from my first engine swap to a series of track days where I met a bunch of y'all. I recently moved from DFW to Houston for work and that caused me to re-evaluate my choice for track car. Since I wanted go to more events with NASA, that means more time driving to tracks around the state. So I needed something with a bit more road manners, more room on the interior to fit me a bit more comfortably, have similar running costs to my previous car. With my NB sold and my design brief set, I got to looking. And here's what I settled on. 





A 2008 NC Miata with a 2.5 swap. I got this car on short notice when John Wagliardo put me onto the sale ad. Due to the short notice, I took a bus up to Dallas to purchase the car and drove it back down with my lovely SO. Car ran like a top and I cross 66k miles on the drive down. The engine has 28k miles.


While I'll miss my NB, I'm excited for the challenge of working on the NC. Here's my current plan for the car.



Brake pads and fluid

Replace the soft top, the current vinyl top has taped up holes on either side

Wheels and tires


Full exhaust (PO completed the swap leaving stock 2.0 exhaust so it's a little restricted)

Safety equipment


Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the work done on the car by the previous owner and I'm excited to take it out on track. I'd appreciate any feedback y'all have on my plans and if you have any cast off parts, I'll give them a warm home and food. 


#110610 Convertible recommendations for my dad - an M roadster, Boxster, other?

Posted by __clu on 24 November 2018 - 03:03 PM

You're driving it

#108487 SOLD - MS PnP Pro for '01-'05 Miata, Innovative MTX-L, Singular ECU Mount

Posted by __clu on 28 August 2018 - 12:24 PM

Updoot for great seller

#105761 2018 Honda CTR FK8 - "Sneaky Mode"

Posted by __clu on 27 May 2018 - 01:40 PM

This is a good thing

#104433 2019 Miata

Posted by __clu on 12 April 2018 - 10:08 AM

Mazda doing what Toyota/Subaru won't 

#103505 clu builds a car he doesn't need, with money he doesn't have

Posted by __clu on 15 March 2018 - 03:33 PM

Was with NASA this past weekend at MSR Cresson.  The weekend started with meeting a few TrackJunkies and getting ready for tech. Met with my instructor, @Vinnieb and we discussed my goals for the weekend, which centered around learning the line and working on car control. Day 1 ended fine with the car in good shape. My instructor had mentioned getting me a check ride into DE2 the next day which was awesome. Began day 2 with my instructor in DE and reviewed what I learned the day before. In the following session I got my check ride and got promoted to DE2. Car seemed to be doing well, but in the third session of the day, the random power loss issue reared its ugly head again. I was unable to pull a code despite having an OBD2 reader and decided to call it a weekend, because i had to drive the car home. 



There's my best recorded lap of the weekend, I shaved off 6 seconds from my last time at MSRC, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. When I saw the times the TT folks were running, it put things into perspective.


I also met with @JoshEE who was kind enough answer all my questions about his car and let me drive it around paddock. My shopping list grew quite a bit after that. Priority items include a new helmet, I settled on a Bell Sport, thanks to Josh, seats and shoes. @lobster also did me a solid and brought up my hardtop from Houston. I have owned this thing for about 4 months but only just laid eyes on it this weekend.


Here's how the car looks as of this past weekend




Learned a great deal and had an awesome instructor. I feel like I made some strides in my driver development.

#103456 NASA @ MSR Cresson March 10th - 11th 1.7 CCW

Posted by __clu on 14 March 2018 - 05:20 PM

Had a nice weekend at MSRC. I learned a lot and it was great being able to put faces to the names around here. I also got bumped up to DE2 which was quite nice. Will have a recap on my thread for anyone that's interested

#102409 clu builds a car he doesn't need, with money he doesn't have

Posted by __clu on 02 February 2018 - 11:41 AM

After not being able to make the NASA season opener due to last minute issues cropping up with the car, I briefly considered throwing myself in void. Coming back to my senses I have come up with a plan of attack to get the car good and ready for Cresson in March.

  • Bleed brakes
  • Flush diff fluid, probably with Redline stuff SM guys use
  • Box up the radiator
  • Install real oil pressure sender and gauge, I'm retrofitting an early NA unit
  • Install new rear hubs and bearings
  • Most importantly, fix the damn random power cut that 86'd my weekend

I'm already diagnosing the issue and the car just threw a code (P1345) for cam sensor fault. I'm following the FSM to track down the problem and will hope to have answer by the end of the weekend. I preemptively bought a replacement sensor just in case that's the issue but won't install it until I'm sure.



^ Video describes exactly what's going with my car

#102372 NASA @ MSR Cresson March 10th - 11th 1.7 CCW

Posted by __clu on 01 February 2018 - 12:19 PM

:driving: DE1 for me

#101906 1966 Datsun Roadster Build Thread (Street Car)

Posted by __clu on 20 January 2018 - 01:14 PM

Ooh what's the artwork in garage? Car looks great!

#101407 Impulse buy and Merry Christmas to me

Posted by __clu on 08 January 2018 - 10:36 AM

I volunteer as tribute. 

#100834 clu builds a car he doesn't need, with money he doesn't have

Posted by __clu on 21 December 2017 - 05:14 PM

It's been a long time since my last update so with some down time I figured now is as good a time as any. Picking up from where I left off, I finally figured out the root cause of my misfire problems. The engine wasn't keeping proper time because the keyway on the crank had been wallowed out. My best guess is a previous owner of the car had attempted to do a timing job on the engine and either didn't torque things down to spec or didn't use the right parts. 
The folks at Ace Miata up here helped me diagnose the problem but sticker shock from the repair bill forced me to take fixing the issue into my own hands. I was able to source a relatively low mileage BP4W motor (about 64K miles) for a good deal. This was the start of the most complex thing I've done on a car. With no prior experience, I began taking apart the car using online resources and bombarding people who know more about these things with questions. The engine removal process started in mid July.
Since I had the engine out, I decided to reseal everything I could without tearing it apart for a rebuild. I replaced the front and rear crank seals, the cam seals, various gaskets and the oil pan half moons. I made sure to torque everything down to spec, twice, each time shouting curses for being in this situation. Between work and the terribly hot weather, work on the car was quite slow. In the mean time I performed some other jobs on the car, such as installing a double diagonal roll bar
I also installed a new seat, as the old Sparco Evo was a pain to get centered and as low as I wanted in the car
I took care of some cosmetic issues, namely a massive dent in the passenger door. I replaced the door with one which had matching paint. I completely lucked out on finding the door. Replacement was a struggle as I had to break out the angle grinder to cut the check straps
With the resealing done on the new engine, it was time to put it back in the car. I took the opportunity to beef up the cooling with an aluminum radiator.
In hindsight, I should have performed a coolant reroute, that option is still on the table considering I plan on running the car in the summer after I'm done with school. My self imposed deadline was to have the car ready to make the SCCA Track Nights In America event at MSR-C on Sept 19th. I replaced the brake lines with SS units, filled with ATE Typ200 and fitted the calipers with Hawk HP+ pads.
I also upgraded the wheels and tires to 15 x 9 Advanti Storms with Rival-S and sold off my 6ULs
I did have a surprise coolant leak on a nipple for the coolant neck on the motor. Fixing it required me to tear apart the timing to replace the part. Freaking timing. Putting it back together I had the trigger plate reversed, which further stymied my efforts. That took a little while figure out. Got the car aligned and was able to make it out to Cresson after a little shakedown around the neighborhood.
TNIA was an experience, although I learned a bit, I don't think I'll be running those anymore. No instructors and I almost got punted off the track, ended up spinning out. Also the car started throwing a code mid event with a stumble, which I had initially attributed to fuel starvation as I was pretty low on gas. Turned out I had a bum crank position sensor which got replaced afterwards
That brings me to today. I plan on running more with NASA, progressing through the HPDE ladder in the new year. My hope is to compete in TT some time in 2019

#95217 clu builds a car he doesn't need, with money he doesn't have

Posted by __clu on 05 July 2017 - 05:23 PM

Hey guys been a little while since an update. So here it is! I managed to score a deal on some revalved Bilsteins from Nannerpus while i was in the middle of piecing together a Billie kit myself. 
This would start the beginning of a 2 month waiting period to install the shocks. The kit came with ISC top hats which required me to grind out the front mount holes. Not looking to cut up the car, I decided to use stock NB top hats for the front of the car. This is when I discovered that I would need a method to adapt the NB top hats to the NA R-Package shocks that the kit came with. Upon doing some research I came across the Advanced Autosport mounting kit. $12 per nut made my eyes water a bit. 
In the mean time I installed the rear shocks and they went in like a dream. This is what they looked like installed, the hardware is so pretty
I took the opportunity to get some extended lower ball joints and a Flyin' Miata big front swaybar to replace the MSM bar I had in the front, I kept the MSM bar in the rear and will decide is I need to remove that in the future. This would round out my suspension upgrades. Apologies to those to those who would like pictures, I forgot to grab some. The nuts came in and the feel of the machined steel alone made them worth the price. Also The fact that they'll let me install my shocks. 
I fashioned bushings out of bumpstops from the shot shocks I scavenged the top hats from. I then discovered the shocks would need a spacer on the rod to complete the install. After driving around to a few hardware stores, I came up with a solution to use a stack of grade 8 washers and completed assembly of coilovers. Here is the car up in the air while I was working on it. 
Here it is completed 
Now with all this good installation news there's bound to be some bad news right? Well if you guessed yes, then you are correct. After completing the suspension install, I took the car on a test drive with my friend and the car lost power on me in the middle of an intersection, eventually stalling out on me. I should preface this by saying that I have been chasing a P0300 misfire since the beginning of the year. It would rear its head when the AC is switched on and the car would be near undriveable. I thought I had remedied the problem with a new coil pack, this was after a new Cam Position Sensor, spark plugs and wires. I have also checked the battery and it seemed to be within spec. I tried pulling the AC/PS belt but that didn't help. The car still stumbled and cut out as soon as the AC was switched on. I decided to pull the valve cover and check the timing and it looked good on the cams. Would need a full tear down to see if it's off on the crank. At this point I'm suspecting some sort of electrical issue. But the car is so bad that I can't trust it to take it to a shop. 
Since the valve cover was off, I took the opportunity to spray it wrinkle black. 
I also bought an upgraded radiator for my planned track event in September. I just pray the car will be ready by then. 
As a bonus, here's John Wagliardo's car from Inertia Lab, a suspension development shop in Dallas. John was a big help when I was sorting out the suspension of my car and if anyone has any suspension needs regardless of the platform, he is the man to go see.
Car should be up for sale soon, so you can grab yourself a well prepped runner from a reputable shop. If anyone has any insights to the misfire, help would be greatly appreciated. Haven't driven the car in a month and it's driving me crazy.