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In Topic: Talk to me about sway bars

17 January 2019 - 11:54 AM

If someone makes a hollow sway bar that is an 'upgrade' over OEM, i'd highly reccomend it.  Even with the increased roll stifness of coilovers, wheel deflection will be greatly reduced, which means the amount a swaybar contributes to roll stiffness is decreased.  Hotchkiss makes good products on all platforms i've had the pleasure of driving them on.  At least on my application, they are very large, but hollow. Lighter than OEM swaybars and on the lowest setting provide a solid increment of greater stiffness. At the highest setting, they rival the stiffest swaybars made for my application. I'll be honest, the difference between having my front sway connected and disconnected (on lowest setting) doesn't increase front grip at all.  But it is more responsive with it connected. I also run very stiff springs and wheel deflection is small.  Having an OEM bar wouldn't benefit me at all as it wouldn't increase grip, it would have slower response, and it would be heavier. My hotchkiss is 32mm hollow and the OEM bars were 24mm solid. 


Lots of good application specific advise here, just thought i'd highlight the reduced wheel deflection and swaybar contribution by having stiffer springs :) 

In Topic: Insurance advice needed

17 January 2019 - 11:42 AM

+1, an insurance company doesn't care how much your car is worth on the marketplace, even if you can show them listings of the car in identical condition going for 2x of what their 'book value' is.  Their argument is a listing price isn't the same as a selling price.  They will take every opportunity to fuck you. I do consulting work for a lot of different insurance carriers and this is pretty standard across the board.  USAA is the only exception i know of, but my work is on the property side of things, not auto. 


That said, insurance carriers tend to cower if you hire a lawyer.  So, there's always that option. Just make sure the argument and path forward presents a path of greater resistance. Then they'll cave no matter what. 

In Topic: Street tire class NASA

12 January 2019 - 09:48 AM

Bunch of old dudes shaking a stick in this thread. I'm surprised Terry even tried to be nice. 

In Topic: Thread sealant for gas lines

11 January 2019 - 09:32 AM

Yellow teflon is your best bet. I've used it for fuel pressure gauges on the rail and fittings and stuff and never had an issue.

Thx, I'll just go for the yellow Teflon. I assume it's safe for ethanol blends too?

In Topic: You suck at point bys

10 January 2019 - 01:25 PM

LOL.  Assuming you're being "funny"...if you're serious then...LOL at you for narrow mindedness.


Not this Camaro (or any car I'm driving), if you've caught up to me, you're getting a point by as quickly as is safe for me to do so and I'm making room and making sure they can pass easily (less throttle, no throttle, a brake tap to slow down...whatever it needs to be - safely)


In the light of humor:


I'd change your statement to be more like M3 / BMW from my experiences so far, with some Corvettes in the mix.  Especially when I drove a hatchback fwd car....


But nothing beats the arrogance of Miata / BRZ drivers eh?  Big chip on the shoulders, and some underdog need to prove I'm superior mentality.  Imagine if I catch up to one of these guys IN THE CORNERS? I know I know it's simply impossible.  But, what if?




I had an incident with a 911 getting distance on the straights but i'd be right up his ass in the corners.  Decided i'd get W2W level close to him and get a good exit on ricochet so that i could pass him heading into little bend.  The dude decided to give me a point by ON CORNER EXIT and let off the throttle while on racing line.  Needless to say, i had zero options on either going to his inside (outside was grass), or even slowing down in time. Smashed the brakes and went off track sideways. 

I guess my point is, its not always bmw's and vettes!