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In Topic: 1992 Acura NSX - Oops, I did it again...

02 December 2018 - 03:12 PM

Think the motors are just weak? I notice the windows are pretty slow in my '93 MR2, but I hear they've always kinda been that way. I think the age just makes it seem a bit worse, and modern cars generally have pretty snappy power windows which makes it all seem slower than it is from back in the day.

In Topic: Convertible recommendations for my dad - an M roadster, Boxster, other?

24 November 2018 - 03:39 PM

Related question: I've never driven the S52 or S54 versions of the M roadster. Anyone here driven both? We're both suckers for the high rpm band of the S54. Is the S54 version really worth the price and maintenance premium assuming it's not a track car (my dad's not likely to start tracking at 73, no matter how hard I push ;-)


Are S54 M Roadsters down that low? I seem to recall they were always trending quite a bit above E46 M3 prices since they were quite a bit more rare. 


I've driven an S52 Roadster, ridden in an S54 one. Honestly, the character pretty much matches the dyno sheets. I will say the S54 one is faster pretty much everywhere, but it doesn't necessarily feel that way because the top end power feels way faster. In reality the S54 has a pretty flat torque curve so it generally moves better all over. The S52 feels torquey because of the ~3-4.5k RPM torque hump, then dies out, but it's making less torque than the S54 even at its peak. 


The S54 car will probably hold its value a bit better percentage wise, but dollar wise I imagine it's near a wash on the depreciation side of things. Maintenance is way more on an S54 if you're going to pay someone else and do it by the book. 


IMO, a Boxster S of a comparable price to an S54 M Roadster is probably the better all around car for a weekend driver if I had to guess. Probably not quite as fast (depends on generation that price correlates to), but will generally handle way better and have better fit and finish. A Z3 has a pretty crap interior IMO, and the suspension is pretty janky for the era it was made (has E30 trailing arm suspension). 

In Topic: Convertible recommendations for my dad - an M roadster, Boxster, other?

24 November 2018 - 01:18 PM

The S54 Z3 M's are pretty pricey from what I remember. Likely not going to depreciate much, but I think you could pick up a better Boxster S or something for the price. 


I think maintenance expense on any of the candidates listed will probably dwarf any depreciation expense at this point, so I'd focus my research in that area. 


If you're paying a shop to do all the work, an S54 has some reasonably stout maintenance requirements.

In Topic: Track event manager job

17 November 2018 - 03:02 PM

Not only is overwork a surefire path to genuine burnout, but combining your job with your hobby rarely pans out from what I've seen. The added job stress ruins both as your brain relearns the hobby as a stressor, and rejects the work it expected to be fun lol!

Do what you love in order to ESCAPE work stress - that b.s. line about loving what you do for a living is millenial blogger nonsense from people who never worked a "real" job. Just my opinion though.


There's a big difference between transforming a hobby into your full time (or more) job, and genuinely enjoying what you do at work. 


I really love most of what I do now at work. It really interests me to work out complex engineering problems on something that's really pushing the edge of what's currently possible (I do engineering on rockets). That said, it's still work, and I don't like all aspects of it the same. They wouldn't call it work if it were all fun and games. This isn't a story that you've GOT to find something like this to be happy in life, but it does exist, and it's not BS.


My hobby is cars, and while it has a lot of similarities to my day job, it is different and "fresh" to pick it up as a hobby. I think if I turned my hobby into my job I'd end up enjoying both less. 

In Topic: The LE5pard - Nix's Ecotec Miata Build

16 November 2018 - 12:30 PM

Gotcha. I didn't think the head flow was all that great, so it makes sense that's a FI power figure. 


I'm digging the fab work so far. 



BTW - for engine mounts, a really cheap and easy to use mount is one from a CJ7 Jeep I think. It has a flat mounting plate with 2 holes, and a single ~3/8" stud sticking out of it. It's pretty robust, but also compliant enough to not send a ton of 4 banger vibes through the chassis. Best part is you can pick them up for like $4-5/ea.