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In Topic: 2009 BMW E90 M3

Yesterday, 09:46 PM

Yep, and you were on what looks like the bottom of the adjustment on a pretty big torque wrench. That's not a recipe for accuracy. 


Just snug them with a small 3/8" drive ratchet and you're good to go.

In Topic: 1999 Lexus SC400 - I messed up good this time

Yesterday, 08:22 PM

I'll most likely do something boring from Tire Rack, like RPF1s.


Konig has some very nicely priced flow formed wheels that look good and have generally good fitment options. Might be a possibility. Although i do love me some RPF1s.

In Topic: 1999 Lexus SC400 - I messed up good this time

15 November 2017 - 07:23 PM

Interesting ride. I wonder how much power that 1UZ puts out with the mild mods?

In Topic: Shuka's TT3/ST3 K24 Miata Build

14 November 2017 - 12:16 AM




The weld was actually nice and pretty, but I got impatient and handled it while the paint was still wet so it looks a little fuzzy.



Tsk tsk - the rule of thumb after painting a fabbed part is to drink enough beer than you get tipsy enough to stop working on the car immediately after the painting and then ensure it's only messed with the next day. 

In Topic: Vorshlag BMW E46 M3 CSL - V8 Downforce Monster Track Car ("Chainsaw Massacre")

14 November 2017 - 12:03 AM

I'm not really convinced that cutting out lots of windows in a wing upright is worth the effort. For every bit of weight you save, you reduce the lateral stiffness of the upright. To the point that you might window out a 0.25" thick upright to weight the same as a 0.1875" thick upright that's solid, but it only has the lateral stiffness of the 0.1875" upright with all the negatives of increased form drag due to the additional windows/edges. 


I ran a bunch of FEA sensitivities and kept coming to this conclusion, even though I expected the windowed upright to be stiffer in bending. It all trended towards weight = bending stiffness. The thinner/solid uprights tended to be superior from a buckling/stress perspective as well, especially given the loading will likely not be 100% symmetrical across the upright longitudinal axis (i.e. sidewinds/yaw). 




Of course, people kinda expect the windows as being critical "go-fast stuff."