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The LE5pard - Nix's Ecotec Miata Build

22 October 2018 - 08:11 AM

What? You thought I was done?
I sold the K-swap setup as a complete package and pulled it out of the car. I wanted to run ST4 (or now even ST5) from the get-go, but the K-swap non-oem subframe and NASA's unwillingness to budge on an exception had banished me to ST3.
Using the proceeds from the sale, I set my sights on an entirely new kind of madness. A Chevy Ecotec!

Key long lead components are on order. AlphaFab promised 14 days on a wiring harness and ECU, so I went with them. I did this as the "easy button" and so I'm not relying on a bunch of hand soldered splices like my K-swap harness.
The car as it sits now. Everything pulled off:
A Houston local had a full Ecotec swap kit from Ecotecmiata.ca AND an engine for sale, so I jumped on it.
On the left: An LE5 Ecotec (2.4L from Cobalt SS NA car.)  On the right: A K24A2 mounted on subframe for transport to its new owner.
It's an interesting comparison. The K24 is a tiny bit longer and taller. What really make the difference is the oil pump and pickup location. The LE5's oil pump is above the crankshaft, and the pickup interface is on the very front of the block. The K24's pump hangs down into the pan (which would collide with the OEM subframe,) and the pickup is on the back of the pump.
K24 on its way to a new home. The truck crane is AWESOME for moving motors.
The LE5 swap kit components included cooling hoses, power steering, sway bar relocation, and a few other things I won't be using.
Kind of a weird motor, but simpler than the K24 in a few ways. It does have VVT on both intake and exhaust cams, but no more VTEC :( The Ecotec is similar to the K series motors, in that many of the parts are direct bolt-ons and swaps for other motors. This particular one is from the Cobalt SS, in the short time they produced the car without a turbo or supercharger. 10.4:1 compression, forged internals, 2.4 liter displacement. Factory rated at 171 hp.
When I picked up the motor, the seller had removed the valve cover (I have no idea why) and left it off. The exposure to the open air caused the cam lobes to pit. He agreed to give me a lower price since I would need to replace them. 
Time to get to work! Prepping for the new oil pan. The sort of rectangular port at the rear left of the picture is the oil pump suction. It interfaces to the pickup in the pan through a liquid gasket seal.
I had to file a bit of the casting flat. I also touched up the oil pan a little, grinding down a raised weld on one of the mounting bolt holes, and adding weld on the sides of the baffle hinges since I was told they fail (the weld along the top of the hinge breaks.)
I used a BUNCH of RTV to put this together, but it reminded me of the Kmiata oil pan. I think a do-over may be in the future with some ultra-flange to get a proper seal.
I was a little surprised to see how it all goes together. The sump is out in front of the engine, past the steering rack!
The upside is that I have the swap kit in-hand, so progress should go very quickly!

FS: 1991 Miata - K24 swapped - ST3 Race Car

24 September 2018 - 12:53 PM

For Sale!


My K24 Miata Build.










As many of you know I have a TON of time, money, and work into this car. It's a turn-key, race-ready NASA ST3 legal K24 powered beast.


There's really too much to list but here are the high points:

Current NASA logbook with all current safety gear (window net expires this season.)

Clean blue Texas title in my name in-hand.


K24A2 Motor from a 2008 Acura TSX, with 50 degree vtc gear, Drag Cartel 02.2 cams, and supertech valve springs.

Kmiata race header, 3" stainless exhaust, Skunk 2 intake manifold. KPro 4 engine management with St00pifast tune. Custom wiring harness build from brand new OEM RSX harness.

KMiata swap parts throughout including a brand new revision 2 flywheel with 949 racing clutch.

5 Speed transmission - two weekends on a brand new crate transmission from Mazda Motorsports

4.3 torsen and NA8 rear axle/diff conversion. 


Flyin' Miata Fox suspension, custom adjustable front sway bar, 949 rear sway. Wilwood 6 piston fronts and 4 piston rears, with cockpit adjustable bias.


APR GTC 250 wing, articulating splitter (allows for easy load onto the trailer!)



Comes with Firebottle fire system, Racepak G2X, Accusump, Kirkey road race aluminum seat. Weight reduction parts include fiberglass doors, trunk, and hard top.


Factory wiring was completely removed for weight savings, and remaining minimal wiring is meticulously documented for easy troubleshooting and modification.


Some outstanding things I would do if I were keeping it:

-Install front bash bar to make bumping things safer

-switch up fuel filter plumbing to reduce chances of air bubbles


I have LOTS more pictures and info, so please contact me if you are interested!











Camping at NOLA Motorsports Park - Safe?

29 August 2018 - 09:15 AM

I'm going to be staying in the paddock overnight at NOLA with NASA.


I hear NOLA has a pretty bad problem with alligators and mosquitos. Should I be concerned? I don't want to be carried away in the night by an alligator or contract West Nile!

Your last picture at TWS

11 July 2018 - 01:01 PM

I was looking through my phone album, and saw the last picture I took at TWS. I thought it would be cool to share. What's your last picture at TWS?





July 15, 2017

Improvements at GSS

11 July 2018 - 07:58 AM

I was at GSS a while back, and they were talking about some improvements "to be done by October!"


I saw they had started on real bathrooms and a clubhouse, and they were talking about a track extension too.


Is anyone a regular there that can update us?