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Thanks for the good memories

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I had just moved from Italy to Texas and this forum was my reference to learn about track days, organizations, rules etc.

i bought cars, sold cars, done trackdays, thought about wether or not get an MSRH membership about 10 times, met nice people, and made one good friend in the process.

thanks to Sam and Robert for all they have done (and spent) to keep this board alive. 

goonies…trackjunkies never die

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On 8/16/2022 at 5:09 PM, speedracer said:

I am finding difficult to let it go. 

Have a friend change your password 

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Reply window still here..  is it still on?
I wonder how many months I will habitually hit the TJ link every time I open a browser window to see if you guys posted anything new and cool.

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