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The end of an era is upon us.

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It's probably obvious, but forums are dead and this one is no exception. We should have killed it a long time ago, but better late than never, I guess. 

Some words from our founder,



Community. A word that has taken on so many different meanings since the dawn of our information age. As we watch performance cars evolve at what often feels like break-neck speed, what defines a community can change overnight. With the advent of community driven platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Discord, the medium used by a community continues to evolve to meet the needs or lifestyle of its users – and it isn’t slowing down.

TrackJunkies.Org was born out of the (then) unusual concept that a community could grow around a passion for driving performance cars on closed circuits, not just a group of owners with the same car. In 2008, the medium of choice to bring a community together over the internet was a message board (“forum”). Through this medium, experiences could be shared, logs kept, guides written, events organized, and ultimately friendships formed. There might have been some enemies made too.

Early on in this endeavor I quickly realized I lacked both the time and technical experience to run a forum and was thankfully joined by a passionate like-minded individual, Robert Cope, who has operated this space at his personal expense (no ads, ever, was the motto). Without Robert, TrackJunkies would not be in existence today, and certainly would not have remained a vibrant community for most of its life. Buy him a coffee if you see him at Catalina on Sundays in Houston.

As with anything else, this chapter of the driving experience closes while many others open. Thank you for being a part of it. Support each other in this addiction. Take it one lap at a time. And enjoy every sandwich.

Sam “Hollywood”


With all that said, the plan is to leave TJs running for another week or so as it is, then put it into read-only mode and work on archiving it into static form. If you have anything you want to say, now is the time to say it!


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I liked Miatas before they were cool.

I'd like to thank everyone on this forum who helped me.
@hornetball who sold me a Miata top, which I promptly launched into the air when I forgot to bolt it down before a test drive.
@cabowabo who helped me change my engine when it blew up.
@Shuka for many rescues, loaned tools, and for being my friend even after I brought fire ants into her toy hauler.
@Hollywood and @GONK for running the forum.
And for everyone who helped me improve my driving with useful advice such as "Send it more", "You're slow everywhere", and "Git gud, you fucking scrub."  Right back at ya!  I love you all.

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It's a sad day when forum operators decide it's over, but I agree the traffic just doesn't justify the expense and hassles of keeping the lights on.  The cool thing about forums is that FAQs and historical data is much easier to find.  Those stupid Facebook groups just don't keep history so you can't point back to the "which oil should I use"  or "what's the best body kit" post and be done with it.  Buuuut this is the way of the world. 😞

I've made many friends on here who I've met in person at the track and social gatherings, I've sent a few in person friends here to talk about car junk.  Parts bought and sold, war stories told, memes were shared, laughs were had.  

Many thanks to Sam and Robert for putting and keeping it together!

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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I sure do like forums for doing build threads.  I was just getting ready to start a "Project X" build thread.  Robert knows what I'm talking about.  Oh well, at least we'll still have this around as "Read-Only."

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1 hour ago, hornetball said:

I sure do like forums for doing build threads.  I was just getting ready to start a "Project X" build thread.  Robert knows what I'm talking about.  Oh well, at least we'll still have this around as "Read-Only."

I 100% agree. I've thought about spinning up a new forum just for build threads. Ideally where the main thread can't be disrupted by random people... maybe they could spin off subthreads or something when they have questions or comments. But I agree, this is a loss for build threads... I still refer back to mine...

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On 8/16/2022 at 7:36 PM, speedracer said:

Where can I talk to my tj friends.   You can’t just cut me off.  I am addicted. 

Hit the Chat button up top and come join us on Discord!

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