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FS: 2008 Porsche Cayman S GTB1 Race Car (0 Hour Bodymotion Engine!)


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So I'm not entirely sure if I want to sell the car because I truly love it. But I do have some other priorities that would be good to focus on for the time being. I am very confident I will regret selling it though.

High level... the car is what a lot of others would call a "cheater car" but everything on it is legal according to the PCA rulebook and freshly rebuilt, aligned and inspected. 100% ready to club race. It is a 5 time podium car and with a good driver, this thing is a weapon. This car was developed to win and they spared no expense when doing it. Originally it was an over $165k development & build.

I picked it up from Bodymotion after an engine overhaul and a bunch of "while you're in there things". Additionally, I had them track prep it so it's nut & bolted, paint marked, fresh fluids, ready to hit the track. In addition to the engine overhaul with all the goodies, I had them do a few things like upgrading to a numeric shifter, new racing clutch & lightweight flywheel, new clutch slave cylinder, valve job, refresh axles, fresh trans fluid, etc.

Price: $70,000 OBO

Engine/Driveline: Fresh 0 hour Bodymotion rebuild with all the goodies (still on the break in oil). Pistons, rods, bearings, ARP everything, fresh valve job, new scavenge pumps, upgraded everything. A real no expense spared build. Brand new 0 hr race clutch & lightweight flywheel, new slave cylinder, motorsports AOS, oil cooler, trans cooler, race prepped axles (w/ Neo race grease), fabspeed intake, straight piped & fabspeed exhausts. New numeric shifter as well (these are slick). lol, the car ripped before. It made it around Watkins Glen in a 2:05 with the old engine for example. Now it's just going to be faster. I also had them install a switchable tuner so you can run the car on race fuel for club racing and then street fuel for HPDE events (or to sandbag on test days smile.gif).

Body/Roll Cage: Prepped by Bodymotion and it's their cage with a nascar door bar so it's comfortable in the driver seat. The chassis itself has 22k miles on it. All the running equipment has low hours. No crash damage during my tenure with the car. Huge carbon wing, fiberglass rear deck, 997 cup mirrors, cup carbon doors, lexan front/rear windows, all the stuff you want. Weight was dropped wherever possible down to removing headlights, wipers, fans, etc. Was meant to get it as light as possible so you can add in weight plates if the driver is too skinny. I still have the headlights, wipers, fans, etc so you can add those back if you wish.

Suspension: Moton 2-way coilovers, rears were freshly rebuilt and the fronts have low hours. TPC front sway bar & Tarett rear sway bar, adjustable monoball end links, GT3 control arms, monoballs on nearly everything, etc. Bodymotion just set the alignment and the wing has been adjusted to a neutral position so it's in a good position for most tracks.

Wheels/Tires: 2 sets of wheels come with the car. Both are Pirelli slicks on Forgeline GA3R wheels set up to be class legal in GTB1.

Brakes: Huge Interseries Stoptech brake calipers up front w/ Aerorotor floating brake rotors and oem calipers in the rear also using floating rotors. Pagid RS29 Yellows pads front/rear. Freshly rebuilt as well using high temp racing boots running off a GT3 master cylinder. New brake booster as well.

Safety: All up to date and ready to go. Everything from the fire suppression system (updated to latest 2022 specs using 8mm lines), window net, belts, fresh halo seat (on a slider), Coolshirt plumbed in, etc. Nothing expired!

Electronics: Sampson/Motorola radio system with standard IMSA plugs, AiM full MXL dash with a smartycam. As stated above, the ECU also has a switchable tune so you can run 105 or 93 octane. Brand new Antigravity Lithium Ion battery too.

Spares: Aside from the spare wheels, I also have a slew of other spare parts. Spare doors, rear deck, underbelly pans, brake pads, brake rotors, spare front/rear glass, maintenance things like plugs, Pension fluid, Castrol SRF, sensors, etc. Spare "quiet" Fabspeed exhaust as well so you can run at lime rock (attached with v-bands so super simple to swap). Even have a spare passenger seat I can throw in so it's HPDE legal for all run groups. I also have other spare scrub tires that go with the car.

Racing: So what's it need to go racing? Legitimately nothing. It's freshly inspected and track prepped by Bodymotion with a fresh alignment, paint marked, nut & bolted, etc. All the safety stuff is legal so you could buy today and race at the next club race. Just need to put a few hours on the engine and swap the engine oil for Driven XP9 (also included with the sale) and you are good to go. Even has a log book so if you can just bring that with you as a novice club racer and they can get you rolling. I also have a setup log book from when it was campaigned in club racing so you can set up the car specific to each track if you wanted to.

I'm positive I'm missing things but that's a great start to what's in the car. It's hard to express just how fast the car is on track and how fun it is to drive. I have more pics that I can send and I also can take more of course. Please message me with any questions you may have.






2021-03-10 13.38.26 (Medium).jpg

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