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The Drivers Edge June 25 - 26.

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Car is in good shape. Replacing rear pads, and sorted a shifting linkage issue what was causing intermittent rubbing with the drive shaft.

Now I am trying to source a local replacement trunk to see if I can add some downforce...

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My car is back from the shop .  My timing has been adjusted.   My suspension has been adjusted.   I am going to put another sticker on the car.   I hope these things help me improve.

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I saw, I need more practice going CCW, so looking forward to it. I also saw sign ups are pretty light. I know the timing and tempatures can be problematic. See what sign ups look like closer to the event. 

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I checked the forecast.  Low of 80 high of 94 with a 25%!chance of rain.   My previous expectation of a cold front may have been off.   I expect folks are waiting to see about the rain before they sign up.   

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Kids are going to be karting in Denton this weekend.  supposed to be 104 up there.   it was 98 last weekend while we were using a local race for practice, and it was pretty awful.  I need to spend more time outside to stay used to the heat.

Why do we do this to ourselves?  (because it's fun, that's why!)

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