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"Best" open cockpit carbon fiber helmet?

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Hi there folks! I've been away for a while, but thought I might check in here to see if folks have ideas.

I'm looking for a good carbon fiber helmet with a duckbill and coms (ideally built in, or easily added) for use in my Revolution A-One.

Right now I have a Black Armor from 2015 and it's not bad but my coms system connector broke (Race Radios stuck something into the helmet during a WRL race) and before I invest in putting a new coms system into my old helmet I figure I'd check to see if folks have some ideas. Right now it appears that Black Armor might not be in business any more...


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$tealo.  Can be bought with hearing protection, radio, and water thingies just like the BA you've got now.  Just don't be surprised when it's 4x the price of Chinesium.


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