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Best 1st time seating for COTA MotoGP?

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top of the hill on turns 3-6 are good to watch, high up on turn 16 toward the end of the bleachers is good too because you can see a lot of the track--  bikes it may be hard to make out stuff, but with cars you can see them well enough to see action most of the way around.

bleachers at T12 are OK as well, but I prefer other spots.

both of the internal bridges and whatnot are good places to watch, but they cover the bridges with signs and security often doesn't allow people to congregate in the corners of the bridges.   

Turns 3-6 and the infield portions of the track are all accessible if you're willing to walk, so it's cool to just wander around and watch things happen from a few locations.

be sure to read the rules regarding what you can bring in, and take the most water/snacks/etc that you can thru the gate.   food is stupid expensive inside the place.   a real cheapskate might even park on the T3-6 hill and leave a sack lunch in the car.

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