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Purepower Stainless oil filter found on this acqusition

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Picked up a Spec C5Z and I have never seen a filter like this...can't seem to find too much about them other than the few that like them and the rest that dispute them.  It was sooo hard to take off.  

Any thoughts? 


Thanks in advance.  Brian20220123_144016.thumb.jpg.5b12aa761cd14d7658fc206d899829f1.jpg20220123_144010.thumb.jpg.66139ba7df829a92903791cbdf13031e.jpg 

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Don't know about that one specifically, but I've used a similar metal screen filter in my RX7 for years.  mine is made by System 1  https://system1filters.com/product-category/oil-filters/

Every time I would open it up, I would find things I didn't want to find in there.   every time I would call my engine guy freaking out.  Every time he would remind me that the car is still running and "you're always gonna find stuff. that's why the filter is there. Stop stressing, clean it, and put it back together."

And the car's always ran great. 🙂


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