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Captain Buddha

New Livery, say goodbye to "Dale"....

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Thank you, Matt!! I'm gonna miss Dale - it was especially sweet because I had two of them at one point....but I do like this one quite a bit! Dani was bellyaching that "I can't tell which one is yours, there's so many black liveries out there" - in Trans Am. It stood out just fine in SCCA...usually because it was at the front or at least the pointy end most of the time!! LOL!!!! Now it should be MUCH easier for her to spot!!

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And I'm trying to decide what series / races to do this year...in a perfect world I'd run all of the SCCA and TA2 races...but that bag of racing money isn't really a bag anymore...more like a little coin purse....so....might just do some "bucket list" tracks with Trans Am this year....will see! This is also my first year in Trans Am to actually OWN #13 - the actual number, as in, it's on the official list of numbers with my name / company next to it - it took me a few years to finally get it....to keep it I've just got to get my Vehicle Declaration Form in by January 15th....all for the low, low, bargain price of $450! LOL!!!! That's where we have to list the engine seal numbers, all of the cost control parts, etc....to keep the field "level" so to speak. Still have to do my license paperwork, with it renewing, that's easy though. Oh, you probably saw this with being an SCCA Member as well....this year the SCCA Pro License is no longer valid for SCCA Club Racing...not that it matters as I've always had both....but I'm betting some folks are going to be in for a surprise (you know, those that don't read the rules / supps!) LOL!

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Ya I saw the notes about the Pro license not working anymore.  Maybe that'll keep Tomi Drissi off the track when I'm out there (cuz there's no way that hack would be able to pass the mediocre skills required for a club race school!)

All this cost control, but it takes thousands in paperwork, witness tests, etc etc etc to enact the 'cost control'.    I love it when they say things like that. 🙂

Very cool that you own 13 for the series- that just means you gotta race more now to keep it!

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