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$150 for 2x 1 hour HPDE sessions this Sunday 12/12 at MSRH (noon & 4pm)

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$150 for 2x 1 hour HPDE sessions this Sunday at MSRH or $100 for a 1 hour session.

I'm told that there will be some people who regularly attend SCCA events here.  I imagine people may take a break during part of each hour of HPDE or run out of fuel before the end if not!


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Lots of other fun happening at same event other than the HPDE.   Aussie pursuit, 2hr enduro..


I wanted to make the pursuit and use the HPDE for testing, but I only have a set of 4yr old tires and my kid has stuff going both morning and evening.  It would be little use for me other than to waste money and run back and forth across houston 4x in a day.


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