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Helmet + HANS bag recommendation?

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I'm looking for a helmet bag that's a step up from the free cloth drawstring bag that came with my helmet. I'd want it to hold my HANS, head sock & gloves in addition to the helmet.

Whats worked for you?

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I know they have purpose-made bags, but I'm cheap so I just used what I had. - a big gym bag I used for DEs.  Everything fit well.  For races, I had a large rolling duffle for all kindsa stuff. 


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14 hours ago, hornetball said:

Fifty bucks barely buys gas for a Miata these days.  😞

Dude, I run 110 leaded in my track car..  urgh. I burn $50 every time I go on track.  (Good thing the fuel pumps stop at $9.999)

12 hours ago, himself said:

Oh my!!  At least you got it in for sloppy seconds!  


HAHA...  well I started with just the tip and a lil spit..  then it got sloppy.

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