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I want to start racing but there's some issues

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The issues I'm having are 1) I live in Rapid City South Dakota so there's no tracks I know of for road racing near me and all the tracks I can find are in areas with a ridiculous cost of living.

2) All attempts I make to form a team to build a car fall apart when the people who say they want to join realize I'm not going to fund the ENTIRE thing as well as do ALL of the work and just let them play with the race car.

So are there tracks near me or in an area worth moving to that doesn't have an insanely high cost of living? (Bonus points for warmer climates/short winters) And how feasible is it to get into racing if I have to fund and build the car entirely on my own while working 60 hours a week, because all I can find are free loaders?

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Most of us are posting from Texas for a reason . . . .

I think you will have better luck putting together a team if you are in an area where there is a lot of racing.  You'll meet "real" team members as you make friends at the track.

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Are there tracks in Texas near places that don't have an insane cost of living? So far the ones I've found are in places that want 300k for a tiny condo when I'm used to living in places where 120k gets you a three bedroom house with a garage.

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It all depends on where you want to go, what you want to do (for work), and what you're comfortable doing for commute times.  I live 40 miles south of downtown Houston, and real estate costs are 'reasonable' here.  (I also have a 45min commute when I need to go to the office.)  When I bought this house ~12yrs ago, it was $180k and it's 2000sq ft 3/2 on 1.5 acres.  the people next door just built theirs and paid $400k for a 2019 version of same style house.   If you want to live in a subdivision in town, you can still find reasonable sized houses under $200k, but you're in a subdivision and dealing with HOAs that really REALLY don't like trailers and race cars.  Thus you'll have to keep anything that doesn't look like a pretty street car inside the garage, and pay storage facility for your trailer.   Thus the reason I live in the country with acreage so I have a shop and keep the trailer next to it.

Unfortunately, TX is also currently being infiltrated by people from the left cost who left there because of the horrible traffic, bad policies, and high cost of living.  Well guess what they're doing to TX?  I'll get off my political soap box now. 😉  Good thing about Houston is that there are usually jobs to spare and a huge variety of industry, mfg, medical, legal, and other professional jobs.  Plus the craft/ service work to house, maintain, feed, and entertain several million people.  

Dallas area is the same, with three tracks within 1hr of downtown DFW and a half dozen or so within a 4-6hr drive.

I grew up in NE OK near Tulsa area, and there's a track west of town called Hallett that's an absolute blast.  Cost of living in Tulsa area is pretty cheap, but the job market may be limited depending on what you do for a living.

Another track was just built in central missouri.  middle of nowhere, so cost of living should be low. I forget what town it's in, but it appears to be a really cool facility.  hasn't' officially opened yet, so there's that too.

If you want a number of tracks and active racers, TX really isn't your spot tho.  Cali, new england, and florida all have much larger and more active racing scenes than TX.     but you have to delal with all of the fruits, nuts, freezes, and high cost of living..

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Finding work shouldn't be too hard. I run heavy equipment in surface mining and everywhere needs rock. It's just a matter of tracking the companies down and turning in my resume. Long hours and often long commutes so again not a big worry.


I'm mostly just concerned about the cost of living. No point in moving somewhere with a track if all my hard work goes into just barely staying afloat.

Thanks for the info though it really narrowed things down.

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There's no rock in Houston area.  it's solid clay here!  haha.
I would expect there's lots of work in the ports and whatnot moving around materials.. not quite the same, but they unload ships full of coal and aggregate materials every day.

Austin area might have something, but it's the new San Francisco with cost of living to match..


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You can also be a freeloader.  Just find you a nice team - perhaps even a lemons team - and enjoy arrive and drive for a while.  ha!  

Outside of lemons type racing and deep pocket racing, I haven't seen a lot of successful racing teams.  Most "teams" are just one dude with a checkbook, one dude with some tools and knowledge, and one dude that can drive the piss out of a car.

Lastly, racing your own car is glorious for about 2 hours a race weekend.  The rest of the bajillion hours spent building/fixing/maintaining/transporting/teching/tuning/cursing at/ your race car are the pits.  lol.  Oh, and then there's the money part, which has too many zeroes in it for me anymore!



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That's pretty much how it goes.  for every hour I spend on the track in a sprint car, I spend about 4 in the garage prepping and working.   plus the travel time and cost associated with it.   while MSRHouston isn't my favorite track (by far), it's 10 min from the house so I can kinda skimp on trailer prep and run home if I need parts.  plus sleeping in my own bed and eating food in my fridge.  

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If you are looking at Texas and track time is your gig for reasonable $$.

Eagles Canyon

MSR Cresson

Harris Hill Road


The first two areas I would claim are reasonably rural -- but could be close enough to work areas to be worthwhile -- there's a chance you'll find a little bit of land and a small home with the budget you have in mind.


Harris Hill is between Austin and San Marcos -- which are both really growing -- work is unlikely an issue -- but affordability is getting tougher.


All three of the above have their own racing series -- and I think ECR and MSR-C have a neighborly feud going on between their series 🙂


So you could race and not have to travel if that was a big thing.


You could also join some of the endurance series teams around these tracks -- and you wouldn't be in the owner/operator conundrum you are currently in.




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