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Group Buy Opportunity - MSRH Killer Deal

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On 9/16/2021 at 8:36 AM, Pete said:

I find the negatives to be positives and what allows the membership to be reasonably priced.  The really nice country club tracks are like $20-40k so I'm fine with our ghetto track and its ghetto pricing.  I love being able to go out spur of the moment on a Friday, run 3 or 4 sessions, grab lunch, and be home with the entire afternoon still open to catch up on work or do other stuff.  But everyone's situation is different.

To be positive for a bit... it is really awesome to be able to pop in for the morning and be home by lunch.

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Just to offer a comparison, obviously separated by a LOT of distance....pricing for MSRH is very similar to ECR (which is a FANCY / AMAZING track):

Eagle - $5,000 Initiation / $250 Monthly Dues
Platinum - $10,000 Initiation / $500 Monthly Dues 
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I was considering getting a membership and would love to jump in, but I haven't actually ridden that track yet. Doing a trackday there on the 17th with RideSmart to see how I like it. If y'all are going to wait to buy in until after that I might be in.

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We have submitted docs already. If you are actually serious give me a ring/text and I can talk to the sales manager. I don’t think he would mind if you came on later. 

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