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Corner balancing?

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It wouldn't hurt.   get the car set up well by a competent shop so it consistently turns the same right and left and is at proper ride height to handle.  Might find you're a better driver than you thought you were. 😉


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Don't know if I'd say you're in the deep end yet.   (You don't have scales and alignment right at home. 😉 )   But I get the point.

when you put something this adjustable on the car, it's best to get it set up correctly ONCE and then you know the car is going to handle correctly.   otherwise, you put it all on and hope for the best with just a 4 wheel alignment.  take your chances that it's "close enough" that the car handles OK and you may or may not know why it has a certain quirk afterwards.

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If you measure the chassis heights before installing the coilovers, you can setup the same rake left to right and front to back. Corner balancing does make a difference. You should do an alignment afterwards.

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