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GONE :) Thanks JP!

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I cleaned out my garage-shop room to make a gym for a wife, and now everything that was in it is taking up a garage bay that I need back! Come get this stuff, or it's going to the recycler for beer money 😁

Two 1.8L Miata short blocks. One had spun a bearing, and had it's reciprocating parts placed in it's oil pan un-ceremoniously, post necropsy. BUT it's all there and the main bearings looked in good shape when it came apart, so the shrapnel damage was not spread through the system. If someone wants to polish a crank and slap it together with some new bearings for a spare, it's a candidate. The other was in a BAD front end impact event. one of the block mount bosses fractured, the steering rack hit the pan and fractured it etc... From what I heard the engine stopped during the impact. so it might be a good rotating assembly. I haven't pulled the pan to look. Who knows. 

There are a pair of cylinder heads as well - one dropped a valve seat from what I remember, and the other had a fractured exhaust valve that was about to let go. 

I can get pics of anything if you want it, reply via PM for a cell number to text for specific inquiries or to make any offers (example - I'll come pick this junk up and take it away lol)


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Also, just to be clear, these engines are free to anyone who wants to pick them up. Otherwise they're getting scrapped 😆

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