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Mid-Ohio School

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Sept 2020 I took the first day of the three day HPDE school at Mid Ohio.  Great instructors.  I used my 2012 Corvette Grand Sport for the class and it was a blast.  Next week I am taking the last two days of the class and will switch between my Corvette and a school car.  I'd love to get a track car but not too excited about modifying my Corvette since it's a Centennial Edition Grand Sport.  I am looking at Miatas, BMW M3, C5 Corvettes maybe even a Porsche Boxter.

These are my two Corvettes but both too special to make into track cars.



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Miata is the cheap and easy way, but I have a feeling you will be disappointed with the lack of power they have.  Might consider a used C5.   BUT, the running costs will obviously be higher on a car with that much power.   uses lots more fuel and brakes.  Boxters are also fun cars, but with the German badge comes German parts pricing.  M3 is a bit less so due to the sheer numbers of them, but they're still pricey.  

All of them make competent track toys so you really can't go "wrong" with any of them- main issue is your personal preference and what you want to get out of it.



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