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I updated the forum software, and moved stuff to a new host. Hopefully it works.

@bigjae1976I'm sorry, you lost your last post:


I've had the chatterbox and trac-com. The trac com is a little more rugged but the amount of volume kind of sucks. Or at least I have more issues with students not being able to hear. I like the fact that you just pop in a 9v battery vs having to charge the chatterbox. The trac-com drives me nuts with all of the damn cords and having to hold the unit. The chatterbox was much less clutter. I'm probably the exception rather than the rule from talking with most people...but my chatterbox student headset lasted 6 years. I zip tied the cord to the boom mic in 3 places. When a student inevitably pulls on the something to get the mic out from their helmet., they don't pull the cord out.


+ less cords and clutter

+ mounts to helmet

+ better volume

- not rugged

- have to charge

- cheaper

+ student headset is more comfortable


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27 minutes ago, bigjae1976 said:

You did that on purpose...lol

LOL, I totally didn't! But I didn't want to redo the work for one post because, well, I'm lazy.

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wheee.  looks slightly different, but still works!  I'm still getting cloudflare challenges, but I gotta blame my work proxy + VPN on that.  every time I log in in the mornings, it has my computer coming from a different place in the world.   every site thinks I'm a freaking bot.

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