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TDE on 3.1- March 20-21, 2021

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It's kinda bumpy. They resurfaced in sections, so the joints between sections are bumpy. The straight right after ricochet has a couple of these joints with others elsewhere.. The big bump going from the 1.3 to the 1.7 is still there; maybe a bit worse. It's not my style to be negative, but I was expecting better. Now, I'm not an expert on paving, so perhaps there is something they can do to smooth out the seams.  Grip seems good, particularly in rattlesnake. Having said all that, I did manage to set a new PB (2:25.7).


I'd be interested in what others who were there today think.

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^Agreed with all the above- the transition bump is worse than I recall.  However; my car handled it relatively well at full throttle.

Also, a dip at end of front straight is directly in braking zone.  Options are:

  1. brake before dip earlier than wanted with relatively easy braking- release through dip- and brake again after dip
  2. brake through the dip that can unsettle the car
  3. brake after dip and requires very hard braking- Carrying full speed through the dip caused my car to unsettle a bit much for me to set up for braking and turn in to #2.  With a bit more run time- I might have gained the confidence/skill to handle it more better.

I generally opted for #1 after trying all 3 options several times.

Rattlesnake extra grip did help reduce slip, and allowed more power to be applied.  The boot hill/tombstone/turn 15 area is also more grippy (from what I remember) allowing more speed to be carried.

I do like the increased paving of the paddock area- So much more room!

The Driver's Edge available track time is so much less than Chin.  It had been a while since I ran with TDE.  A lot of "sitting/chatting time" in the paddock between sessions.  The Chin track time is awesome and it will be hard for me to sign up for another TDE until additional track time is offered.





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The good news is the grip is much better in the wet on the 1.7.  I was there today (Monday 3/22/2021) in a steady rain and the new surface was much better than the 1.7 of old.  Word is the contractor will be back at the end of April to remediate the bumps.  Hopefully that will yield good results.  As I mentioned above, the grip level is pretty good on the new surface.  I set a new PB and I expect others will too.

In this video, the bumps don't reveal themselves fully, but you'll get a sense of the new surface.


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Just to add to the other comments, I felt that the tarmac near the apex of Big Bend was also pretty bumpy. I felt myself offsetting the apex slightly in search of smoother pavement whereas my typical line would be right up near the curbing.

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