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Help me locate my old Car!

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Back in 2006, I owned a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX MR. It’s the one car I wish I never let go. As of recent, and old facebook photo popped up displaying its license plate number. I ran a Carfax on it wondering where it ended up. 

Come to find, it’s been recently purchased in Hammond, Indiana, maybe 15 days ago. I’m trying to figure out with the information that I have, if there is there some way I can find out the owners name. Wanted to see if I could be a creep and find him on Facebook, and possibly keep in touch so when he decides to sell, I’d like to buy it back. Please let me know if there’s anyway y’all can help me find the new owner.

ive tried to search the VIN on google to see if any old for sale listings pop up, but no luck. I’d like to see how she looks now after 16 years. 

Car Info is below:

VIN: JA3AH86C06U049048

Carfax info is listed below:




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