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Getting a track car off recall list?

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This maybe kind of a weird question but has anyone had any luck getting a track only car off of a recall list? I have a Mazda RX-8 that was used as a donor for Lotus 7 build. Since technically I still own the RX-8 Mazda has been spamming me with recall notices and sometimes phone calls to get the air bags replaced along with a fuel pump recall. I've called several times, explained the situation and they say by law they can't remove me. It's a giant waste of time, effort and money and would be great if I could get it to stop.

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call your local DPS office and see if they can mark the title as sold, totalled, scrapped, or something like that to show the VIN is at end of life and the car is no longer on the road.  you may need to provide some sort of proof that it was parted out.

Second thought: sell it to someone else for $1 and pay them the dollar.  then register it in their name and let them get all the phone calls.  

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