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FS: '95 turbo Miata, 16ft trailer, '01 Ford Sport Trac

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Couple of my price possessions for sale/trade. Ideally I'd offload all 3 to same buyer as package for cash or trade for a Honda S2000. If your serious shoot me a cash offer or S2000 to trade and I'll unload the 30 pages of documentation for Miata on you to drool over.
$10,000 '95 Miata. 71k miles $22k in parts alone. Beautiful interior. Receipts on everything. Hard top is OE with glass/defroster.
$2,500 '01 Ford Sport Trac. 173k miles. Tows rig perfectly w/ 12mpg 75mph.
$3,100 '13 Kearney trailer 16ft with dovetail. No issues and comes with removable winch setup.
You can see pics and mods in the following thread listed below. If you have cash/S2000 offers I can let you know anything you want. On order of selling separately the only catch is I will not sell truck before trailer. Otherwise don't care on order sold.

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