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Goals 2021

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On 3/26/2021 at 9:34 AM, speedracer said:

My goal is to make it to the track this year.   There are too many distractions and excuses.  I continue to remember a pretty day in May when a took a Friday off to spend a day at the track with a friend.   He  told me that he let somebody else run the exhibit so he could treat himself.   A few weeks later he found out he had cancer and a few months later he passed away.

It seems too easy to find reasons not to go and enjoy a few laps in my cheap crappy little Miata.   No more excuses. Get to the track, purge the cobwebs out of my brain, hear the desperate  buzz of a 1.6 liter and song of track tires whistling against the pavement in corner. 

That is my goal! 



I accomplished my goal. Now signed up for a second track day this year.

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