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Garage floor recommendation

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After moving to Atlanta and renting for the past year, we are finally buying a house that comes with a 24'x24' detached garage. I want to put a nice floor in the garage before we move in.

Just looking around the interwebs I see:
1. Epoxy
2. Polyurea/polyaspartic (sturdier than epoxy)
3. Interlocking tiles (RaceDeck, SupraTile)
4. Porcelain tiles

Any words of wisdom as to what material to use or to avoid?

The garage will see lots of wrenching, fluid changes (and fluid spills), heavy floor jacks, possibly engine replacements, etc.

Interlocking tiles look nice but my guess is any fluid spills will seep through the cracks?

What about the color? Something bright so it is easy to see anything small that will be inevitably dropped?

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We built a new building 7 years ago that included another "garage".  We originally chose epoxy, but after three failed attempts by the installer, we switched to porcelain tile.  Our application is different from yours though: this room doesn't see any "wrenching, fluid changes (and fluid spills), heavy floor jacks, possibly engine replacements, etc.".  We have had some liquids spill on the tiles and it cleaned up nicely.  I've included some shots of the tile below.

Having said all that, for your application I would choose epoxy.  Just get a good company to install it or do it yourself.










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