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QuickJack at the track with Spec Boxster?

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Question on QuickJacks.
Can you fit a quick jack under a SPB without having to jack the car up? (kind of defeats the purpose)
Does anyone drag one to the track with them? How heavy are they to manipulate?
I have a 2 kWatt inverter on my trailer solar system, so I have remote power.
We can probably get away with a 3500, but for most of my other vehicles -- a 5000 would be more practical.
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I bought a QJ a few years back...thinking it would be great to lug to the track...after getting it, setting it up and using it, I liked it...but thought it was a bit much for me personally to bring to the track...it's pretty solid / heavy. Now, if you've got a team / crew...sure thing! We always have a floor jack and jack stands - those have served our needs very well so far. So...a buddy of mine wanted a QJ...I made him a deal...his gain, my loss of a few bucks but it all worked out in the end.

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I love my QJ, I have the 5000-SLX.  My Corvette is parked on top of them right now so can't get a measurement but I have about 3" from the ground and it slides underneath easily.  The jacks are pretty heavy and you also have the power unit and a couple hydraulic hoses to drag around.  Like the Captain said, not sure I'd want to travel with it.  I think Home Depot and some other stores stock them now so I'd suggest checking it out in person and see if the size and weight is a deal breaker.

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