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2021 NASA National Championship at Daytona

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7 hours ago, Captain Buddha said:

Considering it as I LOVE the Roval!!

How do you qualify for it?

Q: How do I qualify for the Championships?
A: 2020 Racing requirements:
•    Five points paying races (or competing at three weekends)
•    Up to two TT points days count toward two of the five races
•    Enduro of any length three hours and more counts as two races
•    Any registered team member planning to compete must complete the qualifications individually

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15 hours ago, Thundermoose said:

I am unable to keep my car on track in iRacing

Crank up the tire noise as the loudest thing...also, less gas pedal at first...try to get a feel for how fast you are actually going. In iRacing - the Daytona Roval infield is VERY slick, especially the International Horseshoe...same in real life too. If you are doing it correctly though, it will feel good...the key with the infield is PATIENCE...I've probably said too much...LOL...butt seriously....don't rush those corners...except the kink...aim to go flat...or as flat as whatever car it is that your driving....can go.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I will be there, and we will likely have a 5ish car spec miata contingent from Texas rolling out on 2 big trailers out of Austin and Houston.

I am also planning on going there memorial day weekend to practice.


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