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SCCA Runoffs @ Road America, Oct 2-11, 2020


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SCCA Runoffs is happening this week.   Qualifying started yesterday (Tuesday) and goes through thursday.  Races start Friday morning and go through Sunday afternoon.

Live timing and some trackside streaming video here:


Once they start racing, it will be a full production video stream with proper announcers.  I heard Bob Varsha will be there, with Randy Pobst and Greg Creamer doing it for the last few years.

The official site link is here, and you can get to entry lists, schedule, etc etc etc via links on the right side menu.

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Hey how does everyone feel about scrubbing tires on out laps.


...damn miatas!


Not gonna lie between the wasted session/day and weather, i'm okay with not having gone.  Was feeling some real FOMO earlier this week.

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warming tires, sure.   but swerving back and forth doesn't really warm up much and only shoves the marbles around both on track and on your tires..  The issue *I heard* was the ones up front were intentionally holding up the pack by "warming tires" so they could have plenty of clear track once they took off.  While I get the intention, a few ruined the experience for everyone else by being selfish.

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On a qualifying (or any out lap, except a race pace lap) out lap you GO FOR IT! On the pace lap I go full throttle to the extent I can, spike the brakes, repeat until it's time for formation...build all the heat in the tires and brakes that is possible! But that's just me.

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