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Swirl pot and expansion tank question

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I have a Honda K24Z7-powered Ariel Atom, and I am contemplating adding a swirl pot to alleviate some cooling issues I've been experiencing. I'm also a moron when it comes to cooling system design, so was hoping some of y'all with more knowledge could assist.

The factory setup has an expansion tank with a 16psi cap, mounted up high (underneath the "mohawk" air intake cover if you've ever seen an Atom). Don't think this is relevant to my questions, but the radiator is mounted up front, and is sealed (well technically it has a bolt to bleed air, but it's not a traditional radiator with a radiator cap). 

Couple questions:

1) The swirl pot would typically be installed immediately after the main engine coolant outlet, is that correct? i.e. it should be fed by the hot coolant coming out of the motor?

2) Does the mounting height of the swirl pot relative to the motor matter?

3) Between the swirl pot and the expansion tank, which needs to be higher or does it not matter?

4) What should be the highest part of the system? 

5) If the factory cap on the expansion tank is 16psi, would going to an 18psi or as high as 22psi cap be problematic? 


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