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Gerry T.

1989 Civic Si for Time Trials or STS Autocross

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FOR SALE: 1989 Civic Si code name: The Swan

Numerous local, regional and National level wins including Open and Ladies ProSolo Class wins and a ProSolo Finale win as well as finishing 2nd in STS ProSolo year end points in 2018

Also competitive in NASA Time Trials in TT6 where it placed 2nd at many events and was 2nd overall regionally in 2019 (Comes with logbook/Annual Tech inspection and Dyno sheets)

Best and lightest of everything – built to limit of National STS rules

Easier to drive than a CRX or Miata & Civics have beaten both at Nationals many times

Brakes & Suspension:
* Wilwood Aluminum four piston front calipers
* 2 piece brake rotors with Aluminum hats
* Whitener Racing Shocks & ES Bushings
* Stainless Steel Brake Lines
* Speedway style custom rear sway bar
* Aluminum short shock forks

* Hytech Header
* Oil cooler & new alternator
* Custom tuned ECU chip with Z-socket
* Lightweight Battery, power pulley & Burns muffler

* Kirkey Fixed Back Aluminum Driver Seat (just over minimum weight) on custom Mount w/slider
* Aluminum Camera Mount
* Radio and A/C delete

Other Maintenance or recently or frequently changed parts:
* Front & rear wheel bearings and hubs
* All ball joints and custom A-arms
* Inner & outer tie rod ends
* Extra-long ARP wheel studs all around
* Lug nuts all around


Includes complete running, rebuilt backup motor with transmission, starter, alternator, ECU and wiring harness! Also includes a 2nd complete motor (disassembled) and most front-end suspension parts, hubs, bearings, brakes, etc., plus a brake booster, master cylinder and other stuff.

Also Includes NEW in box:
* Hawk brake pads
* Front ball joints
* MLS Head gasket
* Valve cover gaskets
* Cam and Crank seals
* Oil Pan gaskets
* Intake and Exhaust gaskets
* New pistons and rings
* Complete distributor

* 3 sets of 15x7.5 6UL lightweight wheels
* 1 set of 15x7 TRM wheels w/Continental Rain tires
* 5 13x7.5 Lenso wheels with Hoosier 185x60x13 R7s
* 1 pair of 15x8 6UL lightweight wheels with Hoosier R7s
* Brand new set plus 6 used Hoosier 205x50x15 R7s

Can deliver but car is licensed and can be street driven.

Pick your package or suggest what you want:

$6500 with ALL spares & 3 sets of 6UL wheels

$5900 with ALL spares & 1 set of 6UL wheels

$4900 with spares and 13" wheels and tires

Contact Gerry Terranova at (972) 503-6059

Transponder and wrap will be removed before delivery

Pictures here:

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