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NCM- Chin- Sept 19-20, 2020

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NCM is a buzz about the news I am headed back to their track 🙂

My car is being released from Quirt's rehab program.  Thus; I am giving it this trip for earning release- hahahahaha

Anyone else?  

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11 hours ago, Code Monkey said:

Not this year, but hope to see you there next year!

Look forward to it!  If things work out, I'll be at Barber with Chin Oct 31.

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It has been a bit since I've been at the track.  Decided I needed to start preparing with:

A bit of conditioning






Followed up with mental imagery excercise..






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Travel day is here!  I broke away from reality's gravitational pull yesterday afternoon for pack/load up day.  Meeting up with a group of friends and the weather forecast is awesome.  Hopefully, the training will pay off.  I also have my lucky signature pen ready for fan autographs at the stops along the way  🙂

If you happen to be driving between AR and KY and see Snoopy along the way- Honk and Wave...:)




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Weather was perfect.  Chin put on another well organized and fun track weekend!  Thank you Chin!!

Anyone need a vette?  Estimated retail value around $6.25 million.




Great track lunch! 



My NCM track buddies.  We try to get together two or three times a year at NCM or Barber.  We opted for Saturday night Mello Mushroom pizza/salads/beer/etc.. at the track to end a superb track day adventure.



Getting ready for Sunday's adventures



Sunday track morning- Weather was awesome both days!




Sunday driver meeting.  Congratulations to all for Saturday no black flags or track stoppage.  We had all our sessions both days without any stoppage except a minor 5 minute black flag on Sunday to get a car out of bad spot.  Track time was plentiful!!








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