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New Supra

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So, I had to post to social media to get a free shirt and this is where I posted. The new Supra did look pretty cool, and it sounds like it'd make a decent $55-$65k daily/track car. If you don't want a Corvette and the M2 isn't your bag and you want a new car, the Supra is a fine choice. The rep was a bit frustrated though when I told him I was faster in my BRZ, but really that's not a fair comparison since I run 200tw tires and they were on MPSS (I'm at less than half the hp of the Supra, half the price, and a full set of tires and tools fit in the back of my BRZ).

And, it's not built by BMW, just from BMW parts in Austria. But the Toyota guys totally got to set up the suspension and tuning (the 2021 was re-tuned for an extra 60hp, and the 2020 suffered from understeer but Toyota got to decide that, not BMW!). I'd recommend waiting 3 years for them to come off lease, so you can pick them up for $20-$25k and have a hell of a car for that price.

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