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2018 BMW M2

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Hello everyone, new transplant to Texas here.  Kind of an interesting story how I got to this forum.  I was actually searching on google for places that either sell racing sims or have sims set up to play.  Well I found a thread on Reddit about someone asking the same question a few weeks ago, and as I was scrolling down the comments I saw someone mention that they like to sim before track days.  Well I'd recently been looking into how to get started with going to the track (things like checking insurance, instructor checkouts, etc.), so I decide to shoot this person a PM.  Well they gave me some good tips and told me to check out this forum, so here I am!  Looking forward to any advice and hopefully see you all on the track!

Oh can't forget the car...

2018 BMW M2 w/ 6MT

The plan is to track this a few times, get some instruction, and then when the inevitable bug bites me to get a dedicated track car.


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Welcome!  And nice car.

I’m sure you’ve found the basics, but if you’re near Dallas, MSR Cresson, Eagles Canyon, and I know at least NASA does TMS.

If you’re near Austin, you’ve got COTA, and Harris Hill (which is currently getting a re-pave).  You’ll also notice the cost difference between those - based on club track vs “F1 Track”...

Here in Houston you have MSR Houston.  There is also GrandSport Speedway (I’ve never been, and have heard it’s not in great shape).  Likewise I guess in Austin there’s a less common Driveway Austin club track.

For instructed track groups, there are many.  You’re probably familiar with BMW CCA (never been actually), then Porsche Club of America PCA - I think the Dallas area is Maverick and the Houston area is Lonestar.  The other “national” groups you probably know are Chin, SCCA / TNIA, and NASA TX.  Blending a bit there into the TX groups, where you’ll find Drivers Edge, Edge Addicts, Driven Blessed, I think there’s “The List” now, and a few others I’ve definitely missed.

There’s a track schedule on this site that I think catches a bunch of those, but you can also look up the schedules on the track websites and on the org websites.

As far as sim’s - I know there is an AC model of Cresson on this site - you’ll also find H2R online and COTA is everywhere.  I personally haven’t found MSR Houston (although I’ve only used a sim for a couple of months) - and the others I’m not sure on.  Although I’ve found the now gone TWS.

Look forward you seeing you out and about.


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Hey Chris - welcome! Glad I was able to point a fellow car enthusiast Redditor in the right direction. I’ve learned a ton from the good folks on this forum and I’m sure you will too. 

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Welcome to the party. Big D has two wonderful facilities with Eagles Canyon Raceway and Motorsports Ranch - Cresson. Both have calendars on their websites.



In a Covid World, ECR and many organizations have switched over to lead-follow teaching method and it works great. Come out and play!

Or if you are new to the motorsports game, I'd strongly consider a cheap car control primer with autocross. DFW is loaded with Auto-X organizations Equipe Rapide, SCCA, NTAX, BMWCCA,etc. Jerret Jan keeps a running calendar at:


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