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2004 Porsche Turbo

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You will love it my friend.

make sure you get it aligned “the right way” otherwise the experience is underwhelming (under steering).

Enjoy in good health!

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Just the tips..No X50.  

It is newly aligned with new tires.  However; I don't know if they did it the "right way".  They probably set to OEM spec and I'll (uhhh...more accurately- my guys) will need to adjust that out of it. 

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^Good luck on the hunt!  I "interviewed" many candidates.  Some had the X50 package but did not have great historical records, others had too many cosmetic issues, many have been modded, contacting various parties and asking questions isn't necessarily fun (some take it well, others are a$$holes and easy to dismiss, others are passive aggressive evasive).  In summary, when dealing with unknown individuals- it makes the due diligence work a struggle for sure.

When this one popped up and had most of the boxes ticked (great service record, one owner, low miles, very clean Car Fax, like new interior/exterior, fully serviced)- I jumped on it.  I decided I did not want to wait an extended time for the "perfect one".  The dealership sales representatives also helped tip the scales with their personal knowledge of the car/history/supporting documents/reputation.

It came with a full tank of gas.  I've driven it about 70 miles.  Thus; far- zero operating costs (I'm not counting wear/tear). :0

Let us know what you add to your garage when it comes @IanIsInGarage


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Took it out for a short lazy fun trip with the lady that puts up with me up Hwy 5 last weekend.  It is a nice road with curves and elevation changes.  The car is a great driver's car with the engine sounds, sitting low, and rowing gears.  Hit the RPM in the sweet spot and let the turbos do their thing.  Combined with classic 70 and 80's music it was a couple good hours to be me- And no masks required!!  



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