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Captain Buddha

3 Mile Off Road Track...

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I believe it's more focused on SxS / UTV machines....we will see though! This could be in part to a certain person leaving a bad to the bone RZR Turbo there for the owner and staff to have at their disposal...cough cough cough.... LOL

The layout I've seen is AWESOME!

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3 hours ago, XLR8 said:

Brad - i'm going out tomorrow morning...are the keys in it?!?!

LOL - I may be out there tomorrow morning as well...gotta see how the dyno run of my car goes today (troubleshooting any potential issues before getting it on track). However, the RZR is at Hidden Falls Off Road Park this weekend, my parents wanted to borrow it. Dad got a new Rubicon Gladiator. I might head down there later as well....have been wanting to go there...the RZR should be back out at ECR next weekend...

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Sounds good.  I'm bringing out a blue RX8 i just did motor swap on for a shake down. Have you taken the RZR to TexPlex?  It's a blast

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17 hours ago, Captain Buddha said:

Nice. Change of plans...heading to Hidden Falls in the morning - looks like too much fun! Have not been to TexPlex yet, it does look fun from what I've seen.

Hidden falls is a blast, at least on a dirt bike ?

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The off-road track is *close*...very close...I ran it a few months ago when it was just a rough / slightly-mowed down area....now it's been dozed / graded with some jumps, banking, etc...sill some more work to do, but I hit it pretty good this past Saturday...there's a nice table-top...needs to be extended...I've over jumped it a few times (sure, I could slow down...but why?? LOL!!)...

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FANTASTIC day at ECR!!! Official debut of the 2.2 mile #off-road track at #eaglescanyonraceway - we spent a few hours giving taxi rides to members and showing them the thrill of the dirt!!! I cut a tire on the last trip out there, no worries, new tires on the way!!


Tim Williams running the 2.2 mile ECR off-road track. Drone pilot / footage by “Dozer” Paul…he also BUILT the track and maintains it to a high standard! It’s AWESOME!! The video goes through two full laps of excitement!!


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