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1999 Miata, with a Salvage title, alot of Moxy, and a hardtop :P

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1999 Miata. Bought on a whim, tinkered with it, had some fun. It'll be the Wife's track car I said! She loved it! fast forward 6 months and she's pregnant with kid number 2 (almost figured out what's causing this...), and her track times are going to be limited for a few years. And I want an ND so bad I can taste it... So that brings me to selling this ugly duckling that has a heart of gold. 

Salvage title, just to get that out in the open. Nope, I have no clue why, some paint on the rear passenger quarter doesn't match the rest of the glossy factory paint, Has a dent above the driver tailight.  Runs like a top, tracks straight, has been tracked by myself, my buddy, his buddy, and my wife a bunch.  It's solid as a track toy or commuter/beater. DOESNT LEAK OIL ?

Has new parts that include (deep breath): Cam seals, Front crank / rear main seal, valve cover gasket, OEM Mazda Engine mounts, OIL pump, Re-Sealed Oil pan (immaculate clean , sealed with Permatex ultra black), Water Pump, Timing belt and Tension-er, Supermiata Sport Clutch & TOB with LW all steel flywheel, NB2 seats, Clutch Master/ Slave cylinders, braided clutch line, and a speedbleeder in the slave cyl.,  MIATA HUBS BILLET REAR HUBS with SKF premuium bearings and  ARP studs, Front Centric Premium Hubs with ARP studs, Inner and Outer tie rods, 15 x 8 Storm S1s with tires on them, VMAXX sport coilovers from Flyin' Miata, Butterfly brace from Flyin Miata, Supermiata Radiator, Supermiata Coolant reroute kit, new plugs, wires, New rear diff mount bushings. Shifter rebuild with a bronze bushing, Momo Suede wheel and a sometimes working crappy horn wiring job. Has a Harddog Sport Double Diagonal roll bar in there as well. Lots of other junk I forgot, most of this is less than a year and a half old.

Compression test a couple monts ago - all 4 cylinders were between 152-165 psi. Forgot which was which, but they were all close to each other and the car runs strong. 

Also comes with a hardtop, mounted with MiataCage mounts and new hardware, some new floor mats. I have a carpet kit in a box for it, and the softop frame that goes with it. Full control arms kit of poly bushing with it. And the free copy of Tool's Lateralus album that I cant get out of the original Mazda Bose CD player.  (their best one IMHO anyway). It has pedals and frame for a coolshirt welded in the trunk (I can cut it out if you want). There are likely remnants of a 5th gear syncro in the gearbox, but you wont know or believe it. Be kind for no grind going into 5th ?

I have no idea how to assign a value to a car with a salvage title but I feel like this fits a niche bill for someone. Willing to trade for $4500 US Dollars, or some mutally agreeable mix of US Dollars and pistols, a Plasma cutter, a Tig Welder, a Stegosaurus, Gibson Explorer / Amp combo, or other fun things - I'm bored on lockdown.  Like all things in Life this is OBO, but the Stegosaurus is the only acceptable Dino. IMG_19963.thumb.JPG.d9edea5944fcc1111d6b9cd63f7d9b48.JPG 



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14 minutes ago, Matt93SE said:

Is a drawing of a stegosaurus OK?  I only have a T-rex...

Bro, if i could afford to feed a T-rex, I'd not be moving this sweet NB to get an ND. And I'd have a netflix docuseries about my zoo in Oklahoma most likely. 

Plus T-rex is a money pit, Steggie cuts my grass for his food. Dont lowball I know what i have here ?

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1 hour ago, Clay said:

I want this. Would you mind PMing me some pics? Maybe of interior, hard top, etc? 

Sent! Let me know if you want any more specifics ?

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14 minutes ago, Hollywood said:

I see a sweet deal like this and I get all 



Love me some T.B. Chappelle still got it too - thats a funny man right there! 

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53 minutes ago, N546RV said:

Is he keeping the Tool CD? Asking for a friend...

Dont tell him - but I got it out last night. Then trimmed my fingernails finally lol

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