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K24 Swapped street legal miata SOLD

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Just now, Mud_Duck said:



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I should note I will deliver it to DFW or Austin if you are interested.

I could deliver farther but would need you to cover some fuel cost 🙂

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Wow.  Have I seen that car on Fitzhugh?  Are you the guy that lives on my walking route...? 😄  

I'm dying for a track car...wish I could.

Edit never mind you said Harris and I read Hayes.  I'm not stalking you or that other guy haha

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Some additional pictures as taken for various interested buyers:

Underside of the car showing the "self clearanced" downpipe. It is beyond me why Kmiata thought making the downpipe the lowest part of the car was a good idea. Luckily it does not seem to affect performance.


A scrape on the front bumper from trailer ramp.



The heat blanket inside looks like crap but it peels right off.


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