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Hawk Talon rotors

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posted this in the Miata section too, hope that's ok for doubling up


Has anyone used Hawk Talon rotors on a track car?


I've been using Centric 120 series and looking for something better that won't break the bank


The Talon advertising looks like they are supposed to be better, but am looking for real world experience

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What do you want them to do "better"? Hawk advertises them as a street rotor, it seems, though that probably doesn't mean much. I run StopTech Sport rotors on most of my cars, never had an issue that I would attribute to a "bad rotor". Moved to the cryo model for the NSX last time; we'll see if that makes any difference. I've run Centric Premium, as well, no issues.

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My main desire is longer rotor life using DTC60 pads.

Altho I'm going to try some Raybestos ST43 at the recommendation of Porterfield

A friend runs the same pad/rotor setup and running ECR and MSR, we average about 500 track miles and a small amount of street miles on a set of pads.

And at that point the rotor heat stress lines/cracks are very obvious.

No fingernail-catching cracks, but afraid to continue using the rotors with a new set of pads

Both cars have front brake air ducting.

several of the "premium? versions of major rotor companies do not make somethng for the NC Miata

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