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Tow Pig drag race spectacular!

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looking to go to Houston Motorsports Park on the 13th of March    


Battle of the trucks on the 1/8th mile.    (bring whatever, i don't want to tow my race car to a drag strip, that's questionably dumber than bringing my truck to drag strip) 

I've been told the amount of skill necessary to drive in a straight line makes road courses look like a cake walk.    

People going 





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Years ago, literally 20 years ago...I used to drag race...it was pretty fun! Picking up the front wheels a bit, keeping it straight...but the waiting....and the waiting...for a few seconds of fun....then waiting for an hour or two, or more...that zaps the fun right out of it! It is a blast to watch - especially the top fuel / funny cars...oh my! One of the coolest things I've done in my working career was to be on the "Island" between the Top Fuel cars at the 2005 NHRA Vegas Nationals...WOW...it takes your breath away!!











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