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Trackday Feb 22nd


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The first half of the year I have nothing but schedule conflicts for MSRH with any group.   However I am free on the 22nd and it seems like GSS is doing a track day.  $399 for 6 20min sessions.

Does anybody have any input into GSS?  I've never been but I do know they are making improvements.

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13 minutes ago, Clay said:

If you have a busy schedule, take what you can get. Some track time is better than none! (I've never driven GSS)

That was my logic.  I'm a bit on the screwed side being a Dad lol.  I was gifted  2 girls who love to dance and I put the racing hobby behind them as a promise to the family.  (I have other hobbies that come before lol)  Right now the highlighted orange is the only MSRH I could make except the 2/28 driven event... I'll be working that event.  Just a couple events until september.

Beggars can't be choosy is how I put it.  I never considered any AutoX events or GSS but it seems like I can fill in the voids well if I DO consider them.



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1 hour ago, lobster said:

I second the take what you can get.   

however 399 for a single day is pretty sporty but seat time seat time seat time. 

getting faster in this sport requires it.  


The only other thing I can do which I have reached out to both GSS and MSRH is to get private instruction done.  This would allow me to pick what days around my busy schedule.... at a much higher cost though.  The money thing isn't the problem.  Just my time. 

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If money isn't the problem then GO fast and get your butt to the track! You could probably hire Charlie V everyday at MSRH and you'd have a BLAST!!

BTW - we have this option at ECR too...private instruction is *always* available.

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