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Gridlife Touring Cup at COTA February 15-16

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GLTC at COTA for basically cheapest w2w racing ever done at COTA. 

This will event will be with and support of Super Lab Battle time attack during the same weekend. 

1 class. 1 run group. 4 races.

Tickets on sale tomorrow 12/18/2019

Who's in? 

I'll be there codriving my MX5 with a buddy 

Feb 15/16

Let me know if you guys have any questions about the rules

"#GRIDLIFE brings the excitement of it’s touring cup series to the grander of the Circuit of the Americas. Running in tandem with Super Lap Battle the GLTC COTA Special will feature racing both on Saturday and Sunday.

Driver Registration
4 Race Weekend.
6 Sessions including Practice & Qualifying Sessions.
Driver Registration includes 4 Crew Passes"

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I don't think I can detune enough.    I think this awesome tho, we need more grid life in our lives. 


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Guess I'm a newb to what gridlife is about....so, can someone put it into terms that this old fart might understand? All I know is racing...but if Lobstah is interested then I should be interested...right?

We are racing the SCCA Super Tour there the weekend before.

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Type gltc.racing into your web browser! You'll find the ruleset there.

GLTC is gridlife's w2w series. It's roughly 12.5:1 power to weight series for production based cars with a few exceptions. 

For this COTA event. We are only bringing the GLTC portion of gridlife as a support series for Super Lab Battle time attack that will be at COTA already. 

That stock car in your sig definitely won't work haha. You could rent something though. Spec e46's fit in well. 


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gridlife brings a simple ruleset and a style that appeals to a younger generation to keep our sport alive.  Club racing demographics look like the Corvette Forums user base.    

Appealing to a younger crowd and keeping it affordable means more younglings in the sport.     

They're adoption of technology has made Gridlife very appealing, the idea that I would be able to share my race live with my friends and family is very appealing to me.    

SCCA and NASA don't seem to want to invest in the same technology solutions.  

If my car fit in the rules with GLTC I would race at COTA in a heartbeat.   If Gridlife had a stronger precense in our region I would give them the focus over NASA.   I don't think Gridlifes intention is to replace SCCA or NASA but to give us more options.   There's a hole in our region imo.   NASA ran like 6 events last year... wtf am I supposed to do in between?   

I jokingly give Gridlife a hard time for being ripe with hipsters but they're doing real work.    


Ironically ill be probably be able to sign up for the PPIR festival in Colorado in AUGUST before I'll be able to sign up for the NASA season opener in January.  

I would also count my lucky stars if NASA Texas had anyone even remotely talented as the gears & gasoline crew for videography.    

Don't get me wrong I love NASA a LOT I just see where they (in my opinion) could do better and I see where Grid life really ticks a lot of boxes for me.  










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Very cool! Thank you both for the explanation!

And Lobstah - I'm starting out 2020 with two race weekends, back to back, the 1st and 2nd weekend of January in Florida, SCCA Homestead-Miami Palm Tree Majors and then the SCCA Sebring Super Tour Winter Break...if you WANT to race ALL the time, well, you have to be willing to travel...I know a guy who can make that happen - let me know! He's got three transporters...and probably an extra spot for your vette...maybe...I know there will be a bunch of us in Florida - the team is based in Minneapolis but it's just a short plane ride away.

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