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Custom alignment shop in Dallas

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I used to get my custom alignments done at Growler Motor Labs (formerly Cobb Tuning) in Plano.  They always had good service and fair pricing.  Unfortunately, it looks like the owner abruptly closed the shop a few months ago and went on the run.  Don't know the details but I know a lot of customers' cars were abandoned outside the shop.

In any case, does anyone know of a decent performance-oriented alignment shop in the Dallas area?  I'd rather not have to drive all the way to Texas Track Works just for an alignment.

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I use the Tire Service Store in Bedford (3928 E Harwood Rd, Bedford, TX 76021) it's run by Baker (I forget his first name) who is a fellow enthusiast (I met him at an autox years ago, I believe he tracks a Miata occasionally). They have an unlimited alignment deal where you can get as many alignments as you want for a vehicle for a minor additional charge over their standard alignment cost (which was very reasonable and cheaper than Growler/Cobb). They didn't have any issues with my camber plates (some places won't touch aftermarket setups or custom alignments, but they would do whatever I asked for).

Might be too far for your tastes though depending on where you're coming from. It's not really in Dallas.

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