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Looking for a TJ-run, automotive charity on this Day of Giving...

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It's the annual Day of Giving and most of you probably already have charities near-and-dear to you to support. But for any who don't, if you'd like to help an automotive charity run by a fellow TJ-er, we'd love to have you on our team at OnRamp. My wife and I founded this 501c3 2 years ago to give reliable vehicles to struggling families in the Brazos Valley who'd otherwise have to turn to predatory lenders. We just gave away car #30 a couple weeks ago and have another 7 families on the list. We also support all the cars we give away with a full year of free maintenance to help these families stay on their feet. And, no, I'm not allowed to do any of that maintenance myself anymore - insurance requires it all to go through ASE-certified shops, which makes great sense but does increase our financial needs.

If you'd like to help us out, just visit: https://www.onramptx.org/give

On a completely unrelated note, I finally got the 911 out to an LSRPCA autocross. VERY fun car to drive... but not fast compared to the Miata's I used to take out there. Really enjoyable to practice left-foot-braking to aid turn-in. And they've got a great setup at the police academy!



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