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2008 S2000 CR (My Blue Heaven)

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Had a "free day" pop up last month and decided to pop over to MSRH. Spent exactly 17 minutes on track when I experienced a pedal to floor brake failure that sent me straight off prior to the launch. Left the track, needed to emergency brake on 610 before exiting for my home. Car didn't stop. Did some avoidance into the shoulder. Annoyed. Made it home. Got online. Ordered a BBK.

I've had enough of this shit and not sure where the issue is, so I'm replacing all 4 lines with spiegler lines, a suspect left rear caliper (new "reman" from PowerStop) and with the fronts...well:





ASMR video for car guys included:



In a nutshell, the holy water being money:



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Well damn that's one way to fix it. Lovely car all around! The color is easily the best part of the CR, but your build looks to be great!

There's a rear BBK that uses the RX8 rear calipers with S197 Mustang rear rotors that would pair nicely with your front brakes.


One trick for bleeding I found for these is to disconnect the battery then have something depress the pedal overnight. My uncle's big rig truck mechanics do it on their's after bleeding them and the pedal feel comes out great

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