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Stan Culpepper

2003 Porsche Boxster S $8500

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2003 Porsche Boxster S Daily driver/Track car you choose ! 95,000 miles New Tires and wheels $8500


Stan 214-244-7826






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do you have a link with more detail on the car.  What maintenance has been done along with info related to IMS?

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Ricky, I do not have any information on it or know much about the car. I bought it thinking I was going to be driving it a lot at ECR and since I was told they no longer need me I have no where to drive it like I thought I was going to.  I have driven it a few times Once at MSR and once at ECR. Once around my neighborhood. Runs and drives great. It did great at MSR3.1 but when I tried to drive it full speed at ECR  I found out it needs a new oil separator as it smoked when really transferring the weight in the turns. Driving around the neighborhood and out on the highway there is no smoke. I would take that repair off the price. I looked it up and the part is only $50 but the places I called it is $500 for a 2 to 4 hour job.  You can take it to any local Porsche mechanic to have it checked out as I would not want  you to buy it not knowing everything you can about the car. 

Stan 2142447826


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I almost ought that car 🙂

Ended up with a local Cayman S instead.



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